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In Which I Muse about Muses
So I wake up on December 20th and eagerly check "Invalid Item for today's challenge. It's a Sunday, and I have nothing planned for today so I have plenty of time to write, or review or welcome newbies or whatever - even plenty of GP's for sending gifts.

Unfortunately, when I see the challenge, I'm disappointed - write about my "Muse"? I can't do that. And here's why; I simply don't have one to write about. In fact, to be perfectly honest with you, I find the whole concept kind of odd, a bit cringe-worthy and frankly, kind of creepy. The idea of some imaginary - or perhaps non imaginary woman sitting in the corner of my room combing her hair and whispering lines of poetry to me would have me running to the.....er, well probably the pub, not furiously scribbling down her sweet words.

Am I the only one? I see people on Newsfeed all the time waxing lyrical about their alleged "muses" and I just don't get it. I cannot connect with the idea. If I want to write something, then I'll just write it. If I am required to write something, for example as part of an activity or contest I am doing here on WDC, then I will just write it (though perhaps it won't always be as good). If I don't want to write anything, then I will go and do something else instead. Simples?

Perhaps not.

These muses seem to make the process rather complicated. "My muse has left me this week!" Someone will lament. I wonder where they go? And do they all convene in one place, plotting to destroy writers' creativity in one big muse stand off?

"My Muse has returned!" (A week later). Thank God for that. How on Earth will you write anything without your imaginary slightly scary maiden to turn to? *Laugh*

Of course, to anyone reading this who HAS a muse of some sort and finds it useful for their writing, you probably think I'm taking the piss - and I don't mean to - it's harmless, so go ahead if it helps you. Everyone is different after all, we don't all have to do the same things but can still have a love of writing in common *Heart*.

So, to end this entry, I will leave you with my favourite song from a band I like.....they're called "Muse"........

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