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You are what you write. Illusion and Reality...I reside in between. Where are you?
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Blog City image small Prompt: Blaming -- When things go wrong, do you find that you blame yourself or someone else or do you leave the blame aside and take care of the problem at hand? What is the best way to stop the blame game? 

         In my world most things that go wrong are the result of a difference in work ethics, and understanding that, helps deal with the problem. Other times we find the worker simply does not understand enough English to comprehend the instruction and is embarrassed to admit that, or cannot read a written note. It doesn’t mean they don’t know how to do the job. A few minutes of one-on-one communication with maybe some pictures or pantomime solve the problem.
         There are some folks who can do no wrong and someone else is always at fault. A great deal of tact and tolerance is required to maneuver through that minefield. I think people’s egos are really interesting to study, understand and later to use the example for creating a written character in a novel or story.
         When something goes wrong, I often say it is my fault because I should never have trusted or believed the individual. When someone shows competence and responsibility---appreciate it! Acknowledge it!
         AWARENESS for Tuesday, December 12th...
          Macy’s plans to close nearly 40 stores, The company is also cutting more than 4,000 jobs. Understand, like Sears, Macy’s is an anchor store for many malls in medium-sized towns and cities. When they close it is a devastating blow to the other smaller stores in the mall. The masses of shoppers stop coming and their business gets even slower. More jobs are at risk.
         Compare that to:
Last year, the United States dropped an estimated total of 23,144 bombs in six countries. Of these, 22,110 were dropped in Iraq and Syria. This estimate is based on the fact that the United States has conducted 77 percent of all airstrikes in Iraq and Syria, while there were 28,714 U.S.-led coalition munitions dropped in 2015. This overall estimate is probably slightly low, because it also assumes one bomb dropped in each drone strike in Pakistan, Yemen, and Somalia, which is not always the case"

         Official figures are almost nonexistent, but there is a soft quote of $7,500,000 per day, but that was just for Iraq. Some of the planes cost $68,000 per hour to operate and one big missile can cost $600,000 each and the smaller bombs average about $250,000 each. They do not like to include the transportation, maintenance, personnel, planning, training and supervision necessary to make this happen. The cost is beyond comprehension and what has been accomplished is even more difficult to understand. All of this did not happen by accident...
         Who do you blame for Macy’s closing 40 stores? ------Macy’s is just a tiny, tiny example of a very big iceberg that used to be called “The home of the brave, land of the free”... I just chose that because it’s part of ‘consumer USA’, and for sure Macy’s was part of the Middle Class experience. Long ago, and far away, I used to shop there and use my Macy’s Credit Card. (so long ago.)
         QUESTION: Did it go wrong? Or was it wrong from the beginning? If blame is placed on an individual, or group, or organization, or corporation, or a sovereign nation, is that the truth? How do you know? These days, the concept of the truth of the raw reality, is just as incomprehensible as the illusion we live in.
         I have found that the very hard words of Judge Anna Von Reitz (Supreme Court, Alaska) comes closer to the unvarnished truth than anything I’ve read in a long time. Her website has hours of stuff to read. Check it out at:
         oom2 dot com/f9-anna-von-reitz (You know to replace the ‘dot’ with a ‘.’, yeah? I don’t put direct links like this because ‘they’ are very nervous about her truths, It makes my head hurt just to wonder how ‘they’ got away with so much for such a long time. I guess it’s what I aways say...
         ...follow the money! Peace and Love...>>>iggy
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