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Rated: 18+ · Book · Action/Adventure · #2073801
The tales of an elite hitman for the International Assassination League.
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Chapter 1
I had a rough upbringing. I spent most of my childhood living in an orphanage. I didn't know much about my life prior to living at the orphanage. The caretakers there told me that my mother had died due to complications during childbirth, while my father had abandoned me at the orphanage. Unfortunately, life in foster care was especially hard for me. I frequently endured brutal hazing from many of the other kids that lived at the orphanage. They would often beat me up or pull cruel pranks on me, which ruined my chances of getting adopted. I eventually began teaching myself how to fight, as a way to vent out my anger and frustration, and quickly became a natural at it, though I would often pick fights with some of the other kids, which usually got me into trouble. Shortly after I turned 16, I ran away from the orphanage and disappeared, quickly becoming a ghost to the rest of the world. Unfortunately, life became extremely bitter for me. I was forced to live on the streets for a little over three years. I quickly began committing various petty crimes to get by. At first, I would just steal food or clothes, though I also pulled some small-time cons and robberies to make some quick cash. I also became quite street-smart and developed a knack for keeping a low profile. I moved around frequently, sleeping in abandoned buildings, vacant houses, even the sewers, though I would also rent a shady motel room or cheap apartment from time to time.

All that changed when I met Johnny Clemente, shortly after I turned 19. He was a tall, slim leopard man, often sporting a white 3-piece suit. He was a well connected mob boss who had connections to several other mafia families, as well as a few drug rings and street gangs. Most of his business involved theft, fraud, extortion, blackmail, racketeering, money laundering, counterfeiting, fencing, smuggling, illegal gambling, loan sharking and prostitution, plus drug and arms trafficking. After explaining my past to Johnny, he seemed to take pity on me and offered to make me a member of his organization. Deciding that I had nothing to lose, I accepted. I started out as a low level enforcer. I would often shake down small businesses for protection money, sell various contraband to people on the streets, fence stolen goods, collect payment from Johnny's blackmail victims, bribe the police and intimidate rival gangsters. I also took part in several high-stakes underground cage fights on Johnny's behalf. Over time, I became a more skilled fighter and became quite proficient in the use of firearms. I also grew more cold, callous, stoic, cunning, hardened and ruthless, which earned me quite a reputation on the streets. I was able to afford a nice house in the suburbs and a nice car. After working for Johnny for 5 years, I became his top enforcer.

I preformed my biggest hit when I was 23. Johnny called me and explained that a rival crime boss named Anton Rosenberg had been causing big problems for Johnny and his organization. Johnny promised me a big reward if I did this special job for him.

I spent several weeks preparing for the hit. Johnny used his connections to help me get as much information as possible on Rosenberg. I also preformed extensive reconnaissance on him, along with anyone close to him; friends, family, known associates, etc. I also surveilled several locations he was known to frequent. After thoroughly going over all the information I had, I was able to put together an effective plan to take him out.

I discovered that Rosenberg frequently visited a shady bar near downtown, which was supposedly a front for his money laundering operation. He didn't have much security accompanying him there, which made it the best place for me to make my move.

I sat at a bench just across the street from the bar, and waited for Rosenberg to arrive. After waiting for half an hour, Rosenberg pulled up to the bar in a black, luxury SUV. I watched as he stepped out of the drivers seat. He was a hefty, yet muscular grizzly bear, sporting a dark blue suit. As he walked into the bar, followed by his three wolf bodyguards, I stood up and walked way across the street. As I approached Rosenberg's SUV, I knelt down, reached into my jacket pocket and pulled out the homemade car bomb that I had prepared. I had used a small block of C4 explosive, enough to level a one story house, wired to a remote blasting cap that was linked to a disposable cell phone. I carefully affixed the bomb to the SUV's undercarriage, near the gas tank. Suddenly, I heard the bell on the bar's front door ring and realized someone was coming. I quickly dropped to all fours and slid underneath the SUV. I looked out from under the vehicle and saw it was Rosenberg and his men. I forced myself to stay calm as I listened to them talk. After several minutes, Rosenberg opened the rear hatch of the SUV and procured four large duffel bags, then handed one to each of his men before leading them back into the bar. I heaved a sigh of relief as I wiped some sweat from my forehead. I slid out from underneath the SUV, then got up and walked back across the street. I ducked into a nearby alley, allowing me to watch Rosenberg, while staying hidden, and waited for Rosenberg to come back out. Half an hour later, Rosenberg exited the bar and approached his SUV. As he climbed into the drivers seat, I pulled out a second burner phone, brought up the number of the phone wired to the bomb and pressed the call button.

The bomb went off with a loud bang, igniting the gas tank and engulfing the SUV in a large fireball, killing Rosenberg instantly. The force of the explosion also managed to trip a few nearby car alarms. All that remained of the SUV was its burning, twisted frame. Smiling at having completed my mission, I put the second burner phone in my pocket, then walked towards the end of the street before turning the corner. By the time Rosenberg's goons came outside to see what was going on, I was already well out of sight. I walked for a few blocks before finally reaching my car. Before getting in, I took the burner phone and chucked it into a nearby storm drain. Then I slid behind the wheel and drove off. I then called Johnny on my personal cell phone and told him that the job was done. Then I drove to a motel outside of town to lay low for a few days.

When I got back to Johnny, he treated me to a weeklong vacation in Honolulu, Hawaii. He put me up in a premium suite at the best luxury hotel on Oahu. I spent most of the trip indulging in Honolulu's nightlife. I frequently visited several of Oahu's top nightclubs. On more than one occasion, I wound up bringing an attractive woman back to the hotel. I would also pamper myself at the hotel spa. I also spent some time swimming, surfing, scuba diving or just lounging on the beach.

When I got back to the States, I found a blank red envelope in the mail. I opened it and pulled out a letter. It said:

We know your little secret. Don't worry, we won't tell, we just want to offer you a job. One we think you will find both profitable and enjoyable. Come to this address if you accept by noon tomorrow.


P.S. Destroy this note after you read it.

I grew suspicious at this. Someone knew about my hit on Rosenberg. Who could've sent the letter, and why, if not to have me arrested for the hit. I decided to check out the address on the letter. Little did I know that come the next morning, my life would change forever.
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