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New Girl
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This week's theme: Soundtracks

Ok...it's the last day of movie/tv/whatever soundtrack week. Just for fun, here are a few of the songs I came really, really close to using and then changed my mind at the last minute (and this is not a complete list, because I don't wanna be here all day...also, I'm not providing links, because you're all smart people that know how to YouTube things on your own *Smirk2*):

*Bullet* "Fight The Power" by Public Enemy (from the movie Do The Right Thing)
*Bullet* "Looking Down The Barrel Of A Gun" by Anthrax (a Beastie Boys cover from The Beavis And Butthead Experience Soundtrack)
*Bullet* "The Real Thing" by Pearl Jam and Cypress Hill (from the movie Judgement Night)
*Bullet* "Colors" by Ice-T (from the movie Colors)
*Bullet* "Big Yellow Joint" (from the TV show Arrested Development)
*Bullet* Anything from the movies CB4, Empire Records, Across The Universe, Straight Outta Compton, Office Space, Purple Rain, or The Virgin Suicides

I also promise after today's entry I will try my damnedest not to beat myself up too much after the shellacking I put upon my person in "High. But it is important to understand sometimes why things happen the way they do...usually in order to prevent them from happening again. Or to better navigate the poor decision-making when it happens a third, fourth, or more-th time.

This is why sometimes life sucks.

I would say probably most of the relationships I took part in for a period between the mid-90's and mid-2000's were predicated on terrible decision-making abilities. Mostly mine, although I did attract the random female who would turn out to be even less socially adept than me on occasion.

Here's a dating tip from someone who has no business giving out relationship advice: Free tacos is not a reason to date someone for an extended period of time.

Like, I knew I shouldn't have gotten involved. I was planning on having surgery that I had been putting off for months because I wanted to get through another floor hockey season and my doctor was going on vacation...I didn't want anyone to feel obligated to care about or for me, and I didn't want to deal with being in a relationship while I was gonna be in a lot of pain for a few weeks.

But the heart wants what it wants, and sometimes it wants the girl who works at the taco place in the same mall you also work in. And you like cute chicks with pretty smiles who give you free tacos and don't charge you the quarter for beverage refills. You go out to dinner with her one night and suddenly her past and her abusive ex-boyfriend don't matter. Your personal health isn't important. The guys at the electronics and neighboring t-shirt stores are gonna tease you a bit because you've got a girlfriend and they're still playin' the field, but so what...you're getting constant, reliable action while they're just nipping at whatever they can get. Life is perfect in a sense. Also, free tacos.

Yet it all comes with a price. You have to be responsible for feelings. You have to meet each others' families and work for approval. You have to be on pretty good behavior. And you can't flirt with the girls who work at the accessory store on the other side of your store, and you definitely can't mess around with the girls at the coffee shop anymore or go up to the bars in Canada with them, and definitely, absolutely, don't hang out with girls who come in looking to buy pagers and cell phones and then invite them over to your place to watch movies and make out with you and your co-worker bro simply because the best way to get a girl's number is to issue it to them.

"I want a new girl, the kind everybody wants."

"She's got a smile so wide it eats the pain, the pain I'm going through...
and then she gets in bed with you."

All those unwritten rules? Broken. Tried to justify my behavior by telling myself I didn't want a girlfriend anyway in the first place...so breaking up with one girl so I could spend more time with another girl who would only continue to see me if I'd break up with my girlfriend (I fell for the ultimatum *Facepalm*) felt like the right thing to do. Funny how the girlfriend breakup coincided with the ultimatum girl deciding she wasn't interested anymore and no longer wanted to convince me I should be spending all my ladyfriend sexytime with her. When you make bad decisions, expect bad outcomes.

So what does the movie American Pie   have to do with this? At some point after breaking up with free taco girl we started hangin' out again, and we went to see it because I guess that's what people who like spending time with each other do once in awhile before having coital relations and then going home alone and not being boyfriend/girlfriend. Poor girl...after all she had been through I really broke her heart. We'd bumped into one another a few years later after I'd been transferred out of the mall and her restaurant closed, and she told me I was her "one that got away", which made me feel like even more of a dick for the way I'd treated her throughout the times we were mostly together. But then I stopped feeling so bad when she said she was engaged and wanted to be with me one last time before never seeing me again because I was also "the best" she'd "ever had". Maturity, folks...it's a two-way street I guess.

Anyway, the American Pie soundtrack   is honestly way better than the movie also...lots of great songs on it and one of a handful I can listen to pretty much straight through and not think about the movie itself, which was kinda dumb...guy gets busted humpin' a pie on his kitchen table, another guy sets up a webcam and talks to a hot chick (who in my opinion is alright, but also outta my league), and one of the other guys bangs his buddy's mom, while the pie-humper meets his dream girl (way cuter than the hot girl- again, my opinion) who goes on about band camp (and seriously, when anyone mentions "band camp" all I think of is the green Get Up Kids t-shirt   I used to wear around that same time). Very solid cd, excellent Third Eye Blind opening cut, and I'm gonna put all of this back in the past where it belongs *Laugh*. Except for the song, which I'm gonna link to again only because the opening part with the girl karate-kicking the notebook into the guy's bag   is super effin' amazing and girls on longboards or out surfing is never a bad way to spend a minute or so watching YouTube.

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