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Taylor's Chance
The gate creaked as Taylor pushed it open. Behind her, the other children stood watching from the road. She had bravely scorned their claims that the old lady in number twelve was a witch, but now, presented with the prospect of coming face to face with her, Taylor felt afraid.

Gingerly closing the gate behind her, she started up the path; the garden was overgrown, and weeds entwined the trunk of a gnarled apple tree growing in front of the porch.

Taylor clutched her orange bucket tightly. Somehow the garish skeletons adorning it and her living dead girl outfit did not seem as intimidating as they had in her Mum's mirror. She paused at the porch steps to look back. The others were still watching - she couldn't back out now. One of them, a boy named Jasper, made an impatient gesture, egging her onwards.

Taking a breath, Taylor climbed the steps. The door knocker was shaped like an evil, clawed bird and she rapped three times in quick succession, ready to bolt. She was just about to turn back when the door began to open. Taylor froze as the old woman appeared in the doorway.

"Well hello little Zombie girl," said a kind voice, "How nice of you to call. Do you know, you're the first trick or treat-er I've had in years. Between you and me, I think some of the ghosts and ghouls are afraid of me." The woman smiled, her eyes sparkling in her wrinkled face. Taylor smiled back, her fear dissipating. "Here, I have just the thing for you," The woman continued and handed Taylor a huge bar of chocolate and a two pound coin.

"Wow, thank you Mrs….."

"I'm Cassie," she laughed.

Taylor beamed, and turned triumphantly back to the gang brandishing her prize.

300 words

(Written for "Daily Flash Fiction Challenge 25.02.2016 - Prompt words- Bucket, Road, Gate)

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