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My fourth blog. Amazing yet disconcerting. Don't worry; this'll go away in a year or so.
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This one's about policies, protections, and musical purging.
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*Quill* "Let's talk about our blogs....do you have commenting guidelines for your readers? Today is a great time to let them know the commenting policy for your blog (or set some new expectations). Would you read a personal blog without a comment section? How do you feel when a comment section is closed?"

What's up you guys? Welcome back (to you, and to me!)...this is the second real blog entry I've written in 2016, so I feel a little outta sorts. I know I wrote an entire month for "The Soundtrack of Your Life Challenge and that's real and that counts, but this is the main blog, yo. "Soundtracked is great and all for what it is, and I'm not gonna take anything away from that, but it's not what this is. And this is what you've come to see! So let's do this! Let's welcome Tripper Norb   back into his new old home!

But I guess before we do that, we need to set some ground rules...you know, because we might have some new people stoppin' by the crib. I come from the school of there are no rules, because that's how I've always done things and that's the environment I wish to foster, but maybe if you ain't been here before then I guess I need to say a few words on this subject.

#1 If you're gonna be here, say somethin'. Don't make me go into the WDC Statistics for this item and let me find out you've been here without at least sayin' hey. That's rude. I'd never just show up on your doorstep and ring your doorbell and leave if you ain't home and then not tell you about it. And comin' here to read is even worse if you ding-dong ditch my entries...you came here to read somethin', and I gave your ass somethin' to read, so you best at least say what's up. Even if you don't like it. I don't do this for my health! (Ok, I do do this in part for my health, but that ain't the damn point.) You made your click-effort to get here. You read it. You jus' gon' leave like that? Without sayin' a word? Shame on you, and shame on your mama for not teachin' you better! There! I done damn said it!

#2 You'll be respectful...not just to me, but to everyone else that stops by here on their own click-itions. Listen...I have opinions. A lot of 'em. And this is where I get 'em all out in a nice li'l space. And when my friends get together in the comment box down below this entry, they get it. They don't have to agree with what I say, but they will converse with respect for one another. Even my dear mother, who forced me into this world and reads this tasty slice of internet strawberry cheesecake from time to time, she knows what's up. She dropped an ethnic slur in reference to me on a Tweet I wrote that duplicated itself onto Facebook yesterday, and I had to call her ass out for that. If my mama don't get a free pass, y'all definitely don't get a free pass. I'mma smack you and your mama, who must've let you think it was ok to be disrespectful to others *Facepalm*. And I don't like slappin' mamas, but don't think I won't. More simply stated, from the "Book of Miscellany, Chapter 170, v.1-4, "The Cult of Norb [18+], don't be a dick. Bible that y'all. You don't want to be teabagged because of your own foolishness. I don't walk into your house and kick your kittens and fart on your couch and tear a hole in your Oreo package, so be the fuck nice when you say your whatevers here.

#3 Ahhhh the hell with it. I hate bein' all authority-like about shit. Most of you are grown-ups, or act like 'em, or should be. You don't need me tellin' you these things...at least, you shouldn't. Common decency. Mind the rating and your manners (the rating's GC, so I guess I've eliminated much of that work for you anyway *Smirk2*). I don't have time for kitschy petulance. Get the point or get a verbal brick through the window of your face I guess, if you're not into playing nicely and shit. I'm here to make this world a better place for me, and if you join in then I'll help make it better for you too...and if you're not down for that and you out yourself as much, then may a cascade of verbal and physical fuck yous clutter up your life deservedly for being the piece of asscrack you always fail to reach when wiping that you are. No offense. Especially if you're that person.

Glad we cleared that up and could quickly get that outta the way. *Delight*

I say that all lovingly of course, because I don't want to see anyone get hurt...especially in the one place I love the most. Be decent and kind, because we're all going through something you can't see (even you, whether or not you expose it for others). I'm fairly open, but some of the ones I've taken to the most aren't. And they're no less deserving of respect and love. We have a right to say and not say what we say and don't say, and you have a right to say something nice in return, or shut your goddamn whore mouth if you can't say something nice back. It's very simple 'round here.

It does break my tiny little lamb heart when I come across another person's blog that doesn't have comments enabled for the readied masses...and that same heart turns to ice and shatters when I tell that same good soul that and three weeks later they're all like "Why no comments on my entries?" *Frown* I fucking told you. Now you suffer. Friendless and alone. I tried to help, and you refused. I cannot help you anymore. I can't allow myself to get emotionally sucked into your thoughts and words if I cannot reach back out into them. If there is no safe space for me to place my thoughts, I no longer feel welcome in your sanctuary. I just...don't care anymore.

Seriously though! I know there's some confusion that happens when book items are created here at WDC and we think comments are enabled but they're not. It happens. And it's easily fixed! So fix your shit! Or else I'mma stop caring! And I don't wanna be that guy who stops caring! Because that's not me. Alright? Are we done here? 'Cuz I think I'm done here now.

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*Hammer* "Oscar Wilde says in his The Ballad of the Reading Gaol, 'Each man kills the thing he loves.' What do you think he means?"

I won't claim to know what he means, nor will I claim to have read wherever it came from. I'm sure it means well. I only know what I know.

In lieu of sounding like a certain United States presidential hopeful (I will not type candidate until my blue-with-rage fingers allow it), I with well-intended intent cannot disavow myself from Oscar Wilde's words. I'm guilty of killing what I love. Metaphorically, if it means overdoing something. Overindulging on chocolate or beer. Asking too much of a friend (sorry I got sick of doing all your work). Wanting to fucking sleep all day because I'll take it whenever I can get it.

Do it. Do it do it do it. "Do ^whatever it is^ to death!!" Play your favorite song over and over 'til you can't stand it anymore. Drink shots of J├Ągermeister because that's what's floating around the bar until you puke and wind up with an unintended female asleep on the floor beside her couch looking out for you.

I don't do things to kill them. I do them til it kills me. I don't end relationships I've sunken my entire being into; they end before I realize what's happened and I'm basically (or actually) left for dead. Maybe I kill people. Maybe they're dead before they pull their triggers in my direction. If nothing's killed me since I've been alive that's gotta be the case, right?

Except smoking. I did buy a pack of cigarettes today. But should I choose to argue the reasons why I did so, those words would outlive both of us and our whys and why nots. The reasons are the narrative. No one's gonna dispute our obits though, whatever the outcome may be. Sure, you might die from things you do or chances you take, but no one cares about the people who die because of the chances they didn't take. Is there a gravestone etched with Shoulda Coulda Woulda? I'll risk my life not to be buried next to that guy. He's prolly got some lame-ass stories too.

I'm more of a "I'll die for what I love" kinda soul. I'll own that shit. You don't need to know whether or not I'll kill for you or for what I love...but you'll know if I'm willing to put my life on the line to save yours. And you can put a pillow underneath your head every night without worry.

Blog divider.

The favorite part of all my blog entries! Where I get to listen to them. I haven't gotten fully back into relating themes to tunes, so for now I'm just going along with songs I want to hear. Hope that's ok...it's just god damn fine with me. I've got an army of songs I've not been able to get through during "The Soundtrack of Your Life Challenge!

"Barely livin' but we're livin' large."

Still a beautiful song, no matter where at it you're comin' from.

For the blog.

Ok, so the random things I've found hilarious on the internet in the last month or so don't seem too funny anymore, nor do they seem suitable to share. *Smirk* I must rid myself of this caring thing for your feelings!

*BookOpen* I have tried the whole "Give It 100! thing, with "100, but it hasn't worked out yet as well as I thought it might. And that's my fault. I'm not prolific like that. It's not in my nature. I'm ok with that. And that's not to say I've given it up, but I'm just working within my limitations and what I know of myself. I'm not a "once a day" person when it comes to poems (which was the goal I chose...seemed like a good idea at the time *Laugh* *Facepalm*). It's not something I can dip into a pillbox for. I have to want it, and it's not just something I can make myself want (even though I did write one today loosely based off an idea I had the other day *Rolleyes*). Whatever...no big.

*Dollar* I can't thank enough the people who donated to and bought stuff that helped out the "30-Day Bloggers Group and the "30-Day Blogging Challenge when I ran "The 30DBC Mega-Raffle Extravaganza! in February. First time running a raffle of any scale on WDC, and it was a tremendous success. Between that and the 30DBC 50/50 we're in excellent shape...without Brother Nature 's idea and Witchy woman doing some heavy lifting, it wouldn't have been what it was and I'm very grateful for their love and support. It means a lot. I'm a lucky kid. And hey, unlike last year, no one really had to lose their head! (Putting a price on one's head is still the least-favorable fundraiser idea *Facepalm*. Ever.) Thank you again...to everyone. And congrats to all the winners...of the daily 50/50s, the raffle, and Witchy woman 's mini-challenges! Hopefully next year the Bingo game and Krazy Koloring contest can come to fruition in some way, shape or form down at "Andre The Blog Monkey's Banana Bar.

I think I had more to say, but I'm tired of this right now and can't decide if I need a nap or some sort of real food (like a meal...eating snacky food like a meal should never and does not count for anything, except the shame I feel once it's over and there is nothing left for now or another time). With that, I'll edit and then it's time to go...I can't guarantee I'll be at this bloggery tomfoolery again tomorrow, but I've filled up a lovely hole in my soul for one day at least. Peace, prettier than me, and GOODNIGHT NOW!!

"Legs scream at bikes and bikes scream at trucks, and motorists curse their lousy luck."

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