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The tales of an elite hitman for the International Assassination League.
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Chapter 3
The Chief then sent me to the IAL's private training facility. For the next six months, I was put through some extremely rigorous training. I was trained in every form of combat, whether it was with guns, knives or hand-to-hand. I quickly became an expert marksman and mastered several different forms of martial arts. Over time, I grew stronger, faster and more agile. I also developed a much higher threshold for pain, greater endurance, faster reflexes and heightened senses. I also learned how to track a target discreetly, how to anticipate a targets movements and actions, how to gather intel in the field, how to hide in plain sight, how to get in and out of places undetected, how to cover my tracks and how to improvise in the field. I also met the IAL's tech expert, a lion named Barnes. He taught me how to hack into computers and how to bypass or disable various security systems.

But why am I rambling about my training when you'll experience the same thing for yourself? You want me to get to the good stuff, don't you? Very well, I'll tell you about my first official IAL contract.

About a week after completing my training, I was brought before the Chief. "I think it's time to test your newfound skills out in the field." he said "I've selected this target especially for you. There are so many people who want this guy dead, we had to draw names just to choose the client.". He handed me a dossier in a black folder. "Consider this your initiation into the IAL." he replied "Preform well, and I'll make sure you'll be rewarded handsomely.

Before long, I was on a private jet heading to Tokyo. I reviewed the details on my target during the flight. My target was some bigshot businessman named Carl Becker. He had a pretty big list of reasons why people wanted him dead, from investment fraud to blackmail. He also had no living relatives, so no one would mourn his passing.

I managed to find out where Mr. Becker would be staying and figured that'd be the best place to make my move. After checking into the same hotel where Becker would be staying, I changed into by best outfit, a dark grey 3-piece suit. I then went down to the hotel lobby to see if I could find him and soon found him in the hotel bar. He was a cheetah man wearing an expensive suit and dark sunglasses, sipping on champagne and currently flirting with several women who seemed to be pretending to be interested in him.

I took a seat in a nearby booth and ordered a glass of whiskey, so I wouldn't look suspicious while I observed Becker. After half an hour, an attractive vixen strode into the bar. Becker seemed to recognize he and told the rest of the girls to leave, leaving him alone with the vixen. As the two began to talk with each other, I noticed the vixen had a distinctive set of tattoos. I recognized them as the tattoos worn by the Yakuza. I figured that this vixen was planning to do business with Becker. A few minutes later, Becker handed her a keycard, no doubt to his room. "Meet me in suite 508 and well discuss further details there.".

The vixen took the keycard and gave Becker a seductive grin before walking out of the bar. I figured she could help me get to Becker. I paid for my drink, stood up and followed the vixen onto the elevator, making sure not to spook her. She got off the elevator at the 3rd floor. I tailed her to her room. As she opened the door to her room, I snuck in from behind and knocked her out cold. After hiding her body in the bathroom closet, I relieved her of the keycard for Becker's room and walked back out into the hallway. I boarded the elevator and went up to the 5th floor. After finding room 508, I opened the door with the keycard and quietly stepped inside. I found Becker laying on his king sized bed, fast asleep. I silently crept up to his bed, grabbed one of the pillows and brought it down over his face.

Becker immediately began to struggle but I was able to restrain him easily, plus he was still half asleep. He tried to scream for help, but the pillow muffled his voice. After several minutes, Becker went limp. After putting the pillow back where it had been, I positioned Becker's body so it would appear that he was only asleep. As I walked out of the room, I grabbed the "Do not disturb" sign off of the end table and hung it on the door knob, to keep staff and housekeeping from walking in on Becker's corpse unexpectedly. After returning to my room, I packed my things and proceeded to check out of the hotel.

After getting back to IAL headquarters, I saw a news report on Becker's death. The authorities had ruled his death as a homicide, but had no leads or suspects. The Chief was quite impressed with my resourcefulness. He rewarded me with this mansion and told me that he'd contact me when another contract became available.
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