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Evil must be stopped by any means.+
"It must have been sitting here for thousands of years;
look how the mineral deposits have covered it.
But, the alloy is un-corroded.
We must take this to our facilities in Colorado."
Afri Dubay spoke with a tremor in his voice.
His colleagues agreed.

There was the problem of removing a religious relic
from an Afghanistan cave.
The Mu la believed the relic to be a sentinel to a gateway
to Hell.
"Jesus entered Hell through a cave in Jerusalem ..
You would not dare dig up Jerusalem to find it.
But, we poor mountain people are not important
to you." the Mu la added,
"There are consequences everywhere even here."

Afri was not interested in diplomacy.
He saw an opportunity to unlock a historic artifact.
How could this relic exist from a era 15 thousand years ago?
The statue was slowly chipped away from stone deposits,
revealing the golden slender form of a small woman.
"This relic has a pulse." Dr. Darlene Lawless remarked.
She had a PHD in comparative religions ..

Afri held the wrist of the golden woman her hand held his.
"Jesus!" he looked into her eyes as she opened them.
"Sas tush Rah-mer?" she spoke with a deep breath.
Dr. Lawless called for a medic and security.
"That could be Phoenician or Sumerian." she said calmly
to Afri, who had soiled his pants.
"I can't get her to release her grip." Afri replied.
The golden woman slowly rose to her feet and pulled
Afri closer to her.

"Sas tush Rah-mer?" she commanded.

"I think she want's to know where Rahmer is?" Dr. Lawless
spoke softly as a medic slowly approached the golden woman.
"Ah, her grip is tightening." Afri smiled nervously at the
living relic he had hoped to put in a museum.
The medic rubbed the woman's arm with a gauze , the
gold rubbed away and quickly injected her with a sedative.
She gasped and fell into his arms.
"She can't be more than 15 or 16 years of age." Afri surmised
and stumbled backwards into Dr. Lawless.

"Take a sample of the gold powder." Dr. Lawless said.

(to be continued...)

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