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Chapter 2 ~ Ashly
It was obvious the golden woman
had extreme sensitivity to light.
The lights in the cave were painful to her.
She covered her eyes and squatted in a shaded corner.
"Do you have your berkah?" Afri asked Dr. Lawless.
"Of course, I can't walk in the village without it.
She can use it for protection." Dr. Lawless removed
her black berkah with veil from her backpack and
placed it before the golden woman.

She quickly slipped it on.
"Well, she doesn't need any coaxing ..
Maybe, she's one of the village people?"
Professor Afi looked quizzically at Dr. Lawless.
"I am Ashly." a whisper echoed in the cave.
Everyone heard it and looked at the woman in the black berkah.
"You speak German?" Dr. Lawless answered.
"That was English." Professor Afri stated.
"No-no. That is Surfi." a crewman replied.
"It was Spanish." Dr. Lawless' assistant replied.

"She is speaking telepathically." Dr. Lawless stated firmly,
"That can be the only explanation."
"I was caught it the rock, while exploring this cave."
Ashly answered and ran her gulden fingers over Professor
Afri's beard.
"How?" Afi stammered.
"Teletransportation." Ashly kissed Afri passionately.

(to be continued?)

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