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Marilyn Monroe Quote, Fond Memory
Blog City Prompt: How do you feel about this quote? Marilyn Monroe: "Boys think girls are like books, if the cover doesn't catch their eye, they don't bother to eat what's inside. Do you agree or disagree?

I agree. If a girl is beautiful and a bimbo, she will get a guy's attention. A poor homely girl goes unnoticed. Jocks were the worse. Basketball Players and Football Players. They always went after the prettier ones. Jocks never did it for me. They were so full of themselves. Boys liked boobs. Hope I can say this. I have them and I got attention. I was considered pretty but when most guys paid attention to me, it was for the b word like I just said. It was easier to talk to other guys who didn't go to your school. There was one creep who didn't like me because my Dad was in the military and he picked on me. He didn't count. There were some nice guys. I didn't date a lot in high school but I had male friends. Girls who put out got the attention, too. That wasn't me. After high school and college, men are men. You walk into a bar and they whistle and get all excited. Maybe they had too much to drink. When men looked for wives, they seem to get past the looks and look for inner qualities. Some never do. They would rather drink and any woman will do. Marilyn Monroe. She had beauty but she mentally ill and got taken advantage of. I feel sorry for her. This is something I have never said here and I hope it was okay to express my views.

BCOF Prompt: What is your distinctive or fond childhood memory?

I have a lot of them. Walks in the woods with my grandfather. Playing in the soy beans. It is a wonder I didn't fall in them in the wagon. Seeing President Kennedy in person. Seeing astronauts Grissom ands Young in person. Playing old 45 records of country music and some rock from the 50's and 60's on Grandma's record players. Pretending to be one of the Beatles and my friends, we sang like we were the Beatles. I was George Harrison. We would pretend we married the Beatles. I married George. Going to Washington, D.C. and seeing all the sights. Going to the Smokey Mountains and seeing the mist on the mountains.

Having a Vietmenese friend when the Viet Nam war was going on. She was adopted.

Dad took me, my mother and grandparents out to the base and we went inside a military airplane and it is like the ones you see on TV. I love military planes. I met a Base Commander once and his nineteen year old son. I was thirteen and we played jump rope. He was all dressed in a suit. I am referring to the son. He was nice and so was the Base Commander.

Living by Nashville, Tennessee and having Bobby Harden for a neighbor. He and his sisters had a band and a hit song: "Tippy Toeing." He tried to make it big but never did. Neither did his sister Arlene Harden. The other neighbor was Dr. Charles Moorehouse. He had been General McArthur's private physician in the World War 2 and he was a grouch! Mrs. McArthur came to visit Dr. Moorehouse's wife but my mother and I didn't go over to the neighbors even though she was good friends with them. She wasn't Gladys Kravitz.

Living in Washington State. It was beautiful there. This was way before "Twilight." Darn!

Barbie Dolls. I loved my Barbies. Living with my grandparents and Grandma taking me to church and country music shows. I saw a lot of country singers. Maybe I will do a list thing about this.

Watching "The Big Valley" and all those western shows with my grandparents. I remember Great Grandma making mashed potatoes with a potato masher. It looked like she was attacking the potatoes!

I guess this is enough. I can never just write one thing when it comes to this.

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