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Chapter 3 ~Father Craphammer
Father Craphammer had been sent by the Vatican
to investigate occult religious relics in Afghanistan.
He had not dreamed to witness such a paranormal event.
His guide, Ja Vi, was fluent in 10 languages and aware
of the local customs, as well as, any Mu La.
"They will kill her and us." she stated ..
Dr. Afri rubbed his beard, "This is an isolated area.
I'll radio for a helicopter and make a quite exit."
At that moment a native crewman ran up to Dr. Afri,
"The Mujaheddin have come to the entrance of the cave.
They want to speak to you, but they will not enter."
"Oh?" Dr. Afri looked desperate.

Father Craphammer took a deep breath, "'God is no respecter
of persons: But in every nation he that fearth Him and
worketh righteousness, is accepted with Him.' The Acts of
the Apostle Paul are clear we must defend this child even
though she is a heathen."
The group stared blankly at him.
"I can help you escape." the lady in the black berkah whispered.
"How?" Dr. Lawless took a sip of bourbon from her canteen ...
"Hold hands in a circle and I will take you anywhere you choose."
The lady in black extended her golden hands.
Dr. Afri held her right hand and Dr. Lawless her left the circle
included the 12 in the expedition.
"Never Never Land?" Dr. Lawless sighed.
"My offices in Manhattan .." Dr. Afri stated.

There was total darkness and slowly the office of Dr. Afi
appeared about them. "Can we release our hands?" a crewman asked.
"Yes. We are here." the lady in black whispered.
Dr. Afri walked over to his desk and looked out his window.
"It's fantastic!" he exclaimed.
"We live in the mind of God." Fr. Craphammer stated,
"But, is this the work of God?"
"We're safe. I think that's good." Dr. Lawless hugged the
golden lady in the berkah.
"Thank you." Dr. Lawless made a toothy smile.
"It is my pleasure." the lady in black replied.
"Maybe you should change your pants?" Dr. Lawless smirked
at Dr. Afri's stained paints.
The lady in black put her golden hand on Dr. Afri's crotch
and the stain vanished.
"Ah-thank you." he stammered.
"Thy seed is with me." she whispered.


(to be continued..)

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