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Chapter 4~The Holy Ghost

Ashly had become more accustomed to the lights in
Afri's offices. The window shades were drawn and
covered in sheets. She wore sunglasses to protect
her eyes from the electronic light.
Most of the group had returned to their homes.
Dr. Lawless and Fr. Craphammer remained with Ja Vi.

They sat eating some Chinese take out.
"Are you human?" Afri asked Ashly.
Ashly finished her egg role and drank some water.
"I am a Jin." she replied and put some lo-Mane on
her chicken.
"A Jin is a demon from Arabian mythology."
Ja Vi stated.
"Tribal people demonize outsiders.
I come from a citadel where truth is worshiped
and thought is magic.. I was cast out for my
faith in humans and imprisoned in the cave."
There was anger in Ashly's voice.
"What exactly did you do?" Dr. Lawless queried.
"I gave you language." Ashly answered and opened
her fortune cookie ~

"Your friendships will open new doors."

The Jin read her fortune cookie and laughed.
Fr. Craphammer sipped a Coca~Cola as he finished
reading a text on his cell phone.
"The Vatican has been informed about our exhibition
into Afghanistan. The Mu La contacted the Vatican Conculate
and they want me to .. interview the Jin for a possible
Ashly laughed, "Tribal Gods."

(to be continued+)

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