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Chapter 5 ~ Secret Confessions
Father Craphammer knew a brilliant brain surgeon
and Evangelical Christian, Dr. Josh Guaye ..
"I'm skeptical about an exorcism on an alien.
She has stated she comes from a 'Citadel' that
is not on Earth. Maybe, you can do a MRI on her?"
Dr. Guaye examined Ashly's base line vitals.
She sat patiently on the paper covered examination table
as her pulse and blood pressure were taken.
"I'd like to take a sample of your blood.
Is that okay?" a nurse queried gently tapping on a
vein in Ashly's arm.
Ashly gave a toothy smile, "Don't take too much."

Hours passed as Ashly and Father Craphammer sat in
the waiting room reading magazines.
Dr. Afri had been busy explaining his strange discovery
to the Vatican sponsors .. It was not a pleasant conference.
The Afghanistan ambassador had filed a protest with the United
Nation's General Council.. A charge of kidnapping had been made.
"How did you meet the Priest?" Ashly asked Ja Vi, who was flipping
threw and issue of Vogue.
"Oh, I was assigned to him by the Arch Bishop of Astronomy.
I have a PHD in physics and chemistry, as well as,
a master in occult celestial mechanics and I speak 10 languages."
Ashly looked at an advertisement in Steam Punk .
"You are a very visual people." she remarked.

The nurse asked Ashly to see the doctor in his office.
Fr. Craphammer and Ja Vi followed ..
"Okay. Ashly, you are not human." the doctor stated flatly
and dropped her file on his desk.
He leaned back and rubbed his finger tips into the scalp of
his bald head.
"What do you want me to do?" he asked Fr. Craphammer.
There was a long silence.
"The CDC should be notified .." Ja Vi stated.
"She has no comunicable decease .. I can't assess her threat level.
You said she teleported you here from Afghanistan?
That is power." Dr. Guaye poured some claret into his glass.
Fr. Craphammer rose to his feet and stared down at Ashly,

"By the power of Christ I command you!"

Ashly looked up, "And?"
"Are you a demon?" Fr. Craphammer sprinkled Holy Water over
her head. The water trickle down her Egyptian styled black hair
on to her face.
She licked the water off her lips, "Salty."
The Priest sat back down and Dr. Guaye poured him a claret.
"Home Land Defense should be notified." Ja Vi gestured for some
claret. The doctor gave her a Coca~Cola.
"I'm old enough to drink alcohol!" Ja Vi snapped at the glass of
"Your too tiny. You'll get sick." Dr. Guaye replied with a smirk.

"What do you want to do?" the doctor asked again, but this time
he looked at Ashly.
She smiled, "Wake up the world."

P.S. Have a listen to Gauye Calle 13 on Youtube.

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