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Rated: ASR · Book · Erotica · #2081017
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#880352 added April 25, 2016 at 5:16pm
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Chapter 6 ~ The Puppet Masters
Ja Vi had asked to go out to a restaurant
and Ashly was excited to go.
She had purchased a Steam Punk outfit with
Dr. Afri's credit card from an on line store
which delivered the dress and neon blue nylons
with stiletto red pumps.
The dress was striped with black leather
and a white roman tunic underneath.
It gave Ashly the appearance on a Roman Gladiator
in heels with a black hajab veil.

Ja Vi had paid for a body guard with Fr. Craphammer's
Vatican credit card.
His name was Charlie.
"There's a great Armenian place, you'll love the pasta."
Charlie said as the black SUV drove through the night streets.
"Charlie, what do you think about the elections?" Ashly asked.
"It's all rigged. There are a few puppet masters, who run things.
They're letting the middle east self-destruct so they can pick
up the pieces. I don't vote." Charlie shrugged and let the girls
out in front of the Eastern Mountain .. Ja Vi loved Cantonese ..
"And this is your government?" asked Ashly.
"I'm French." Ja Vi laughed, "I don't who to believe."

{to be continued..}

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