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Rated: ASR · Book · Erotica · #2081017
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#880531 added April 27, 2016 at 3:33am
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Chapter 7 ~ The Mind of God +

Ashly and Ja Vi sat at a booth in
the dimly lit red room of the Eastern Mountain.

"What is the 'Citadel'?" Ja Vi asked.

"It is where we sleep and travel to other worlds."
Ashly nibbled a dumpling with her chop sticks.

"Do actually go anywhere?" Ja Vi sipped some soup.

"I am here." Ashly gave a Cheshire Cat smile.

"How do you feed and live?" Ja Vi dipped some chicken.

"We dance in a circle in the darkness and feed on night
creatures... We make love in darkness . Do you?"
Ashly raise her veil revealing her fangs in a toothy

"Ah." Ja Vi gulped her beer, "I like to have lights off,
when I'm making love."

"Ah-so, we are not that much different." Ashly ate some
pork.. "My people have no need for cloths or machines.
We live in the Mind of God.+"

Ja Vi smiled nervously at her friend.

Reflections: If all matter is energy, then can the spirit
be in all things?


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