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The Ashes of Angels

Ashly was being interrogated by Father Craphammer,
who was losing his patience.

"What is your place of origin?" the Priest asked again.

Ashly yawned, "Parswana, the side frontier."

Father Craphammer raised his hand to strike her,
"And where is that?!"

"I wouldn't strike a Jin." Ja Vi intervened ,
standing in front of the tall German Priest.

Ashly sighed, "Genesis speaks of Adam's rib another
word for rib, in Persian, is parswana,
which has a second meaning,
'the side frontier.' Eden was a side
frontier out of Persia more specifically

Ashly stretched out her arms like a cross...

"Do you worship magic? It is a common thing at
the Citadel on Mount Hermon, south of Lebanon
and north of Palestine. We worship truth."

Ashly took off Dr. Lawless' sunglasses and revealed her
serpent eyes. "Your race were bread to be slaves."

"The serpent in the Garden!" Fr. Craphammer exclaimed.

Ashly smiled, "Tribal Gods."

Da Vi looked long and hard at Ashly,
"Why should we believe you?"

"Why should I care?" Ashly laughed,
"You set me free. I am bound to you."

"Oh, my God, like Aladdin's lamp?" Dr. Lawless took
another swig from her flask of whiskey.

"Exactly. There are rules, without them,
my people would slip into madness." Ashly took a
swig from the doctor's flask.

"The Nephilim!" Fr. Craphammer shouted and sprinkled
Holy water onto Ashly, who licked her lips,

"The flood was salty, but our magic was stronger."

Reflections: Steve Earl ~ Ashes to Ashes.+

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