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Chapter 9 ~ Joshua

Joshua was a Bible scholar and
Magi in the Golden Temple.
He had heard of Ashly through his
close friend Doctor Lawless.
Ja Vi and Ashly were invited to his
spa for a spiritual congress.

Ashly teleported with them,
Ja Vi was shocked that their clothing
had vanished.
"A spa is a place to let loose our inhibitions."
Ashly said.
Her glimmering golden skin illuminated a flickering
candle lit tiled room ..
Joshua descended from an openning above, levitating
to the edge of the whirlpool with hand gestures.

"A Jeanie usually has a master." Joshua stated and
dropped his robe, revealing his nakedness.
"You are not the master of me." Ashly replied,
"But, I am obligated to serve those who freed me."
Joshua slipped into the swirling water,
"Will you join me?"
Ja Vi searched the walls for a door, but could not find
Ashly slipped under the water and emerged with her arms
around Joshua's neck.

"A very clever conjuring." she remarked with a toothy smile.
"I have put you in my bottle." Joshua smiled back and vanished.
Ja Vi found a toilet sticking out of the wall and releaved
herself, "I thought you were a Jin?"
"I am, but this man is a Magi and he tricked me." Ashly answered,
"Men are very treacherous."
Ja Vi trembled as she entered the water and clung to the Jin.
They kissed and Ja Vi cried, "Love me."
Ashly laughed and returned them to Dr. Lawless' apartment.

"It was a trick?" Ja Vi stood dripping wet and naked before
Dr. Lawless, who poured out some wine.
"You are a sadist!" Ja Vi cursed ..
Dr. Lawless gave her a robe.
Ashly sipped the wine, "Who is the dreamer?
Was this your secret desire?"

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