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Mercury in Retrograde
"William Shatner will forever be remembered
as Captain Kirk. Honestly, I can't think of
a more iconic role he's played.
I was born in 62 so I watched him in reruns
on channel 56 in Boston.
All this bull about him hogging scenes flies
in the face of heroic storytelling .."
Muzzy paused his twitter. Bing-bong!

He went to answer the doorbell .
Ja Vi and Dr Lawless stepped in with Ashly,
who was completely covered by her berkah.
"Ah-hey! What's up with the true believer?"
Muzzy queried.
"We need your advise.
Morgan Freeman wants to interview Ashly
on his God show and were wondering if
that would be a good idea... Um, she's
a Jin." Dian Lawless asked and kissed Muzzy.

"Wow! This is like 'I Dream of Jeanie!'
without the military narrative .. Is she Muslim?"
Muzzy winked at Ashly
and she let her berkah slip to the floor.
She had no other clothing.
"Nope. Definitely not a Muslim lady.
Wowie wowzers! Your a knock out golden babe!
Do you like to be photographed?
I have an instamatic .." Muzzy scrambled for his
camera ..
"The light is painful to my eyes." Ashly smiled
as Muzzy ran his hands along her slender form.

"Oh?" he looked into her snake eyes.
"That's so Gothic.
Your going to be a rock star!
I see why Morgan wants you on his God show."
Muzzy squeezed her tushy and knockers.
"Hey!" Ja Vi slapped his hands away.
"She is my lover." Ashly chuckled.
"May I be your lover too?" Muzzy offered a bagel
with cream cheese.
Ashly laughed and grabbed his bagel and ate it.

"Tell me why is this election causing riots?"
Ashly ran her tongue over the cream cheese.
"It's like a sporting event people pick sides
and the owners decide who wins." Muzzy shrugged.
"Ah-yes, a Wicker man for a good harvest.
I can't imagine allowing peasants to choose a king.
That would be mob rule." Ashly gave a toothy smile
and tossed the bagel into a waste basket.
"Your an elitist." Muzzy said with a bow.
"Jins do not tolerate ignorance only the strong
should rule." Ashly answered sternly.

"Of course, but how do you decide who is the strongest?"
Diane Lawless had removed her clothes and reclined on
the tweed sofa.
"Magic." Ashly answered and joined her.
Muzzy had his super 8ml recording them.
Ja Vi huffed and paced and then stripped off her clothes.
The three maids rolled about on the shaggy throw rug in front
of the sofa.
"May I join in?" Muzzy queried.
"No!" Ja Vi growled.
"Why not?" Ashly raised her arms to him and
he floated into her embrace.
"This is the best Passover ever!" Muzzy exclaimed.

Reflections ~ All that glitters is not cold.


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