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Inherit the Wind

"Who's that bug eyed thing?" Dr. Lawless asked.

"That's Ashly." Muzzy answered flatly.

Muzzy had asked Diane Lawless to view the home
movie he had made of yesterdays visit ..
"She can make us see whatever she/he chooses."
Muzzy looked worriedly at the romp on his projector's

"Jesus. Ja Vi is out in Manhattan clubbing with Ashly."
Diane took a sip of rum and coke.

Ashly and Ja Vi appeared in Muzzy's living room.

"The film is revealing." Ashly remarked with a toothy smile.
"You have a not been honest with us." Diane answered.
Ja Vi was still holding her Mow Mow .. "What's going on?"
"I hope we are not your prisoner?" Diane continued.

Ashly transformed into a tall slender grey female with
large black eyes.
Ja Vi fainted, falling onto the tweed couch.
"I am a Jin. The golden form was of my choosing,
because your culture adores golden idols." Ashly's golden
form returned.

"Well, okay. Let's order some pizza ..
Are we your prisoners?" Diane pressed a record button
on her cell phone.

"Once a Jin has touched you,
you are wedded for life." Ashly answered as
several pizzas appeared on the coffee table...

Muzzy nodded and smiled at Dr. Lawless:
"Who gets to live with you?"
Ashly chuckled, "I can be in several places at once."
"What if we don't want to live with you?" Dr. Lawless asked.
A shadow can over the room, "I would leave and curse you."
Ashly's statement gave everyone a chill.

"Let's have some pizza!" Muzzy clapped his hands and
put on Forbidden Planet.
Diane Lawless gave Muzzy a sicken look,
"Where is Fr. Craphammer?"

Ja Vi sat up, "I was good in cooking class."
She took a slice of Extravaganza Pizza and twirled
a lock of her hair.

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