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Chapter XII ~ The Viscious Circle+
"We have a friend for life!" Muzzy hugged Ashly.
Diane Lawless looked drawl, "Whoopie will love this."
"I'm serious. How many friends stay friends with
you? Ashly is my first multi-demential Jeanie
and she likes to wrestle with me."
Ashly sat on Muzzy's lap and kissed him.
"Could you wiggle your tushy?" he whispered in
her pointed ear.
She obliged ...

"You-you said you loved me!" Ja Vi growled and
bit into a buffalo wing. Ashly hugged Ja Vi,
bi-locating on Muzzy's lap.
"Now there's two of them." Diane sighed and poured
some Coca Cola.

Fr. Craphammer arrived with some grapes and baklava.
"Larry how did you get a key?" Muzzy queried.
"Ashly gave me one." he smiled, "She taught me how
to love without shame."
"Oh-my-gahd !" Ja Vi was livid.
Ashly caressed Ja Vi, "Do not isolate your passion.
Did you not confess you have always been in love
with the Priest?"
Ja Vi averted her gaze, "Yes. That's why I have followed
him around the world. Forgive me Father."

"Nonsense. There is nothing to be ashamed of,
but Ja Vi I must confess I am Gay." Fr. Craphammer
turned to the doorway and Greg Gagfree stepped in.
"Oh, wow. I love your game show, Five Up." Muzzy clapped.
"I have lived many lives and I have learned that happiness
comes from truth." Ashly kissed the Priest on his left cheek.

Reflections~ "If your faith makes you unhappy, is it good?"

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