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Beauty emerges from sadness and chaos.
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Transgender Teen Agnst ..
I had a dress code in my high school at
Cambridge Ringe and Latin High.
There were no jeans only slacks and a button
shirt with a t-shirt.
You could wear sneakers, but no sandals.
The girls could wear slacks, but a dress had
to be knee high.
Anyone found with a knife, marijuana or narcotics
or alcohol was suspended and arrested.
One of my friends Michael Wild got detention for
wearing women's make-up.

Michael's father said, "That wasn't a violation of the
dress code." and it wasn't.
However, the Principle said Michael was a disruptive
influence in the classroom.
I would never have dreamed Michael, who was an advance
placement student would ever disrupt a classroom.
He had a perfect grade average.
Nevertheless, Michael was forced not to wear his pink
lip gloss in school.
I'm not a psychiatrist. I think Michael was queer.

I dated his sister Rachael, and Michael didn't like it.
She was still flat chested, and Michael said he had bigger
breast than her.
When I was a toddler my mother would let my older sisters
baby sit me. ... Can you guess where this is going?
They liked to dress me up in their hand me down skirts and
put make-up on me.
So, when I met Michael in our childhood , I thought dressing
up was normal.
Michael had been putting on his mother's make-up before
his family moved into the neighborhood around 1972.
We had a lot of fun together. Michael's father was a Harvard
professor of psychology and tolerated our oddity.
Strangely, Michael's mother didn't .. and his dad didn't
like me having sex with Rachael ..(?)

My parents gave me a number of beatings over my relationship
with Michael and a pat on the back for my girl friend Rachael.
I would never dare enter the girls bathroom or showers.
Besides, I was dating Rachael in high school.
I didn't need to sneak a peek.
High school in the Midwest and along the Bible Belt sounds
dangerously intolerant of transgender teens.
Christians have a long history of burning alternative lifestyles.
I don't believe Jesus would approve of transgender people.
He didn't comment on it.
But, what do you think would happen if a transgender boy
tried to shower with the girls in an Arkansas High School?
He'd be lynched.+

You need to be street smart.
That's my advise to the transgender


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