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Beauty emerges from sadness and chaos.
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Alcmene was the mother of Hercules.
Zeus was his father.
Zeus disguised himself as Alcmene's
Any who, it was the custom in ancient
times to say a great leader was the son
of Zeus or a lesser God.

This made me ponder which God could have
fathered Donald Trump..
Maybe a Celtic Deity, like Dymphna the
the river nymph would suite Trump?
A river is fluid and always changing.
You can dam a river or divert it,
but can Trump be controlled?

I had an aquarium hobby.
It was exciting to watch the fish set up house
and defend their territories to the death.
They fought with their faces.
You should have a long aquarium to allow
fish to escape bigger more aggressive fish.
Don't over feed the fish or you'll get cloudy
water and high nitrates and ammonia from
fish pee-pee and poop.

What were the Evangelical Republicans thinking
when they voted for Trump?
Is he Christian? Will he cloud up the debates
with pee-pee and poop?
The National Enquirer is his propaganda and news
source for Christ sake.
Then again Hillary Clinton is like a catfish;
a bottom feeder, who will eat you while your
Catfish will eat anything even their own kind.

What has happened to Bill Clinton?
Is Hillary sucking the life out of him?
Or did he get a wicked STD?
Bill reminds me of a Puffer fish.
It's skinny, until it's threatened,
then it inflates itself like a balloon.
Bill goes from ghostly pale to red faced
when asked about the Clinton Foundation
or Monica Lawinscy ..

From Alcmene is derived the mythic science
of turning lead into gold.
Is that what's happening with the presumptive
Presidential nominees?
Simple math ~ There is a 19 trillion dollar
national debt. How do we pay it off?
I believe we are heading for a bankruptcy
that will collapse our economy and global
trade credit.

Oh, well.
It's time for a purge.

Reflections~ St. Dymphna is an Irish patron Saint
of the mentally ill too.


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