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Beauty emerges from sadness and chaos.
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Zen Physics...

"Master, what does the world sit on?"
the student queried.
"On the back of a turtle." the Master
"What does the turtle sit on?" the
student queried.
"from there on it is turtles all the way."
the Master laughed.

Lawrence klause and Richard Dawkins
had a long lecture on how something came
from nothing.
I watched them in bed on my flat top.
"Is the Moon reflected in the water?
Or is the Moon a reflection?"
I pondered a Zen poem.

The essence of Zen is Satori,
the realization that everything came
from nothing and will pass away.
A Zen archer can strike his target
without seeing it ..
From Zen comes heightened senses.
The target is a reflection in
the archer's mind.

Physics calculates out from causation to
zero. There is no first cause, no prime mover
and no God.
Genesis states that in the beginning all was
empty and void and then God spoke.
Ah-so, God came from nothing.

Define nothing.
It is the absence of something...
But, how can something come from nothing.
Is it a dream? A dream is not quantifiable
in physics dreams are nothing.
Quantum physics proposes that there are
multiple dimensions,that maybe infinite.
Is that the eternal supreme being?
Infinite dimensions can never be nothing.
That is plenty of time for God to pop up.

"I believe there is a God.
I just don't know if he's intelligent."
Mel Brooks remarked as the 1000 Year Old Man.
Something means something is infinite in my
minds eye.

Just my two cents.


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