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Beauty emerges from sadness and chaos.
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The Island of Freedom!

Where did it go wrong?
The colonist were vetted with
special emphasis on their
group dynamics.

The Moon base, Cosmos
had degraded into paranoia
and madness.
Many of the colonist were medicated
to prevent them from harming themselves
and others.

Symphorian was a type 180J android with
an empathic hard drive for psychoanalyst.
The gender mold was female, since most
people view the feminine as nurturing.
Symphorian began her analyst with a child
Ceres, a boy born in the colony.

A subject born into a dysfunctional
community would mirror the maladjusted
"I do not like machines.
They are not human and can not
be trusted to do what is best for
humans." Ceres remarked upon the
android's appearance.

"You are a product of artificial intelligence.
Your genetics has been manipulated by computer
algorithms. You have no mother or father only
the systematic conditioning of android guidance.
How can you reject the only process you know?"
Symphorian made a kind expression and held the boy

"I am flesh and blood." Ceres replied,
"I want more than a productive life.
I want to be free."
Symphorian smiled and ran her hand along
his face...
"What you ask for is chaos.
You must conform to the rules and guidelines
of society.
Counter productive thought must be aborted."
she answered and quickly snapped his neck.

The Moon colony was terminated.
Their would be an audit from the autopsy
the gene for free will would be removed.
Order and logic would prevail.

Reflections~ The characteristic virtue of love
of freedom is counterproductive to the logic of

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