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Ultimate Power

"Oh my God! Amy Scummer is on Jimmy Fallon."
Muzzy flipped through his TV Guide.

Ashly gave a toothy smile.

"Do you like comedians?" Dr. Lawless' right
eyebrow raised.

"Of course. The jester is a powerful Jin.
They make you laugh at foolishness.
I am amazed neither of you asked me for
riches or power. Do you want for nothing?"
Ashly nibbled on some baklava.

Fr. Craphammer took a breath, "I have an inheritance ..
but, I took a vow of poverty. So, my sister is holding
it for me."

Greg smirked, "That's cheating."

"No. It is an act of charity..." Ja Vi paused
and took a long look at Ashly, "Can you change
the world? I mean could you end hunger, war?"

Ashly smiled, "My dear I can turn the world back
to Eden, but a lot of people would die."

There was a stunned silence and an uneasy realization
that Ashly was not joking.
"That would be cruel." Ja Vi said, looking fearful.
"The world is already cruel and it is dying.
Should a cancer be allowed to grow?
I am your friend; I will not hurt you.
But, this world is in peril.
I must act." The Jeanie placed the index finger
of her left hand to the left temple of her head.
Her left thumb was at the base of her jaw.

"My will be done." she whispered.

They appeared in a garden naked.
It was a lovely day.

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