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Ja Vi squatted under some willows.
Her chin was pressed to her knees
as she sucked her thumb.

"I was hoping to watch Jimmy Fallon."
Muzzy sighed and ate an apple.

"Oh, God! Don't do that!" Fr. Craphammer
knocked the apple out of Muzzy's hand.
Ashly giggled, "We're not replaying Genesis.
Would you like a pizza?"
The Jeanie blinked and they were all
back in Muzzy's apartment ..
The TV was on and Jimmy Fallon was interviewing
Amy Scummer, about her new Broadway Show.

"This is a lesson? Your teaching us something?
Right?" Dian Lawless ran her hands over the
tweed couch and sat down .. Ja Vi was curled
on top of the coffee table in a fetal position,
sucking her thumb. Muzzy finished his apple and
took a slice of pizza.

"I've had this notion that we are connected
to a collective unconscious, like a spherical
lottery of possible outcomes .." Muzzy sipped
some lemonade, "Ja Vi straddled Muzzy and ate
some of his pizza.

"What is real? I can't say
for sure anymore. Now that I've met Ashly."
Diane Lawless queried ..

"Ah-that is the rub." Ashly smirked at Muzzy
as Ja Vi had relations with him, while she
shared his pizza.

The front doorbell rang.
Dr. Afri rushed in, holding a teletype,
"They have our bodies in a hospital in
Kurdistan! We are officially comatose!"
Greg looked puzzled, "I've never been to
"Nether have I." Muzzy added.
"The expedition was unconscious in the cave
along with a golden statue. That's what the
general was trying to warm us about.
The cave is quarantined." Dr. Afri sat down
in a green French chair by the fireplace

"Is this true?" Dian Lawless looked directly
into Ashly's eyes. .

Ashly took a piece of pizza, "My people
can travel anywhere in the universe with
their minds. They discover new worlds and
cultures, but we have never left our home
Nabbu. We cannot waken from our dream.
The golden statue is an idol to anchor my
spirit here .. I was cast out for my lust
of worldly pleasures and compassion for
inferior minds." Ashly took a deep breath
and returned the expedition to their bodies.
They immediately sat up in their beds
in Kurdistan.

"Well. You wanna watch Jimmy Fallon?"
Greg asked. They had been left behind.
"Sure." Muzzy sat down beside Greg on the
tweed couch in the mesmerizing glow of the
Television. Ashly came from the kitchen with
a bowl of popcorn and sat between them.
They all had a toothy glazed expression.

Ahmen Rah.
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