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Beauty emerges from sadness and chaos.
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Media Mojo~Radio Ga Ga...
It's been said many times,
many ways; Merry November 1st!
If you have a chance watch
A Face In The Crowd, staring
Andy Griffin. The film is very
prophetic .. All you need to be
President is a loud voice and a
lot of moxie . Andy plays the
guitar and sings his way into

Did you know the United Nations
has named the United States the
most powerful nation in the world?
We have the most weapons of mass
destruction, but our country is
on the edge of bankruptcy.
Puerto Rico and California have
asked for chapter 9 bankruptcy.
South Carolina and North Carolina
have petitioned to separate from
federal assistance and taxation.
How can a 19 trillion deficit
be paid?

If fascism comes to America
it will be called Americanism.
There are checks and balances,
but democracies are very fragile.
Governments are corrupt, because
people can be bought.
Build a wall and somewhere someone
will pay for a tunnel under it or
go around it or fly over it.
That's evolution~ adapt or perish.

The first question I ask is:
"How do you pay for it?"
The second question:
"How do you make it work?"
I will vote for the candidate,
who can answer these two questions
best and then I'll hope we can still
have a government by the people and
for the people that will not nuke
the world.

Teddy Roosevelt used the cavalry to
patrol the Mexican border.
It was effective and started another
war with Mexico.
Something to consider this November.

Happy Holidays!
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