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Beauty emerges from sadness and chaos.
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Who is a Priest?
Ministers and Saints protect us!
My dad loved the Latin Roman Mass.
I had no choice, but to endure it
until I was self reliant ..
A lot of Roman Catholicism revolves
around the clergy, who know the secret
magic of celibacy.

Yes, it's all about sperm theology.+
The Council of Elvira in Spain around
the year 300ad ruled that Bishops, Deacons
and Priests were to be deposed, if they
lived with their wives and begot children
after their ordination.
Pope Siricius (384-417ad)wrote a letter
to Spain and Africa insisting that the clergy
be celibate and not live with their wives.
Pope Innocence (402-417ad) decreed to
the clergy of France and the West, that
celibate clergy be enforced ..

The Eastern Churches under the Coptic Council
of Ancry (314ad) allowed Bishops, Deacons and
Priests to remain married, but they could not
remarry or have women in their houses that
might excite suspicion about their morals,
except for mothers in law or sisters.
Under the Emperor Justinian (527-565ad)
Previously married clergy could live with
their wives and family in their houses.
This was solemnly sanctioned by the
Council of Trullo in 692ad... Yay!

Much of the celibacy law was motivated
by family disputes over the clergy
assets. Who would support the Priest's
It was more practical to have a celibate
clergy. It is all about the church budget.

People will believe anything
and they will endure suffering
for a higher purpose.
It makes their misery blessed.
But, why should they support a Priest's
family and mother in law?
That's my interpretation.
I do not claim to be infallible,
like the Pope.

Vertago <^>
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