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Beauty emerges from sadness and chaos.
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Judge Jelly Beans of Fox News
The more Judge Jelly Beans understood the law
and deeper things; the more she questioned
the depth of her faith in all things.
"Can you tell me what socialism is?"
Judge Jelly Beans smirked at a pedestrian.
She held the Fox News mike at the
lady's face,
"I-um-ah, it's political."
She scurried away.

Judge Jelly Beans sighed and shrugged at
the camera man, "This is a stupid segment."
"I'll tell you what socialism is!" Muzzy
stepped from behind a pretzel cart.
He was selling pretzels in an apron with
pretzel designs and a pretzel cap.
The Judge spun about with a bright toothy
smile, "Great! What is socialism?"

"Social security, welfare, medicare, medicaid,
labor unions, EPA, public education,
public works on roads, waste management,
public utilities, libraries, food safety,
police and fire department, CDC, FDA,
the armed forces: army, air force,
navy, national parks, federal disaster
assistance, NEA, Home Land Defense,
FBI, CIA, NATO, the North American Union,
The Federal Government which includes
the senate, congress and executive branch
and all municipalities in state and local
Socialism provides the infrastructure for
democracy. It is not communist."
Muzzy smiled and handed Judge Jelly Beans
a pretzel .. She was stunned and nibbled
her pretzel.

"Any government would be socialist by your
definition." the judge quipped.
"Any government that will not provide for
it's people is tyranny." Muzzy handed her
a coke.
"Do you have any mustard?" Judge Jelly Beans
smiled as Muzzy handed her the mustard.
"Oh, judge this pretzel on me." he retorted.

Reflections~ Why are universities so expensive?
Maybe, a trade school would be more productive?

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