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Beauty emerges from sadness and chaos.
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"I like this driving around.
So, who are we judging?"
Saturninus asked.

"Hmmm. I think will just
drive around and enjoy the day."
Nemesion answered ..

A group of spectators looked up
at the vessel floating in the sky.
The two Annunaki were amused by the
commotion and news reports.

"Are they calling us a weather balloon?"
Saturninus chuckled.
"Not this time. We are a secret military
experiment." Nemesion chuckled and
adjusted his photon canon on the crowd
of spectators.

There was a communication from the mother
ship. Saturninus and Nemesion were instructed
not to fire the photon canon.
"Oh, feathers! What are we doing here?
Are we Heralds or not?" Saturninus growled
and sipped some Coca~Cola.

"Some changeling, Hillary Clinton, is asking
for assistance with her election to supreme
ruler." Nemesion had some French fries.
Saturninus sighed, "I don't like politics.
It would be far simpler to blast them with
the photon canon."

"Is Supergirl back on?" Nemesion flipped
through the cable channels.
"Once we get on the networks, we'll be
worshiped again, like Gods."
Saturninus tuned in on Jeopardy.

The aliens maintained their distance
from the excited earthlings below,
awaiting the final judgement.

Reflections~ The Angels will descend from Heaven
and restore their kingdom on earth.


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