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Chapter 16~Here We Go
Chapter 16
Here We Go

THEY STOOD OUTSIDE THE hotel room door hand in hand, excitement and anticipation churning between them. Corey used the keycard to open the door, turned, lifted Megan into his arms and crossed the threshold. His mind swirled with worry about the enormity of what they just did, how their families were going to react to the news, and the eagerness to spend the night with her for the first time, finally knowing her in the most intimate of ways. Everything happened so fast he barely had time to process any of it. Corey looked into her upturned face as desire flared in her eyes while she watched him with a longing he had never seen before and set her on the edge of the big bed. He needed to remember to take things slowly, to be gentle with her, but his body throbbed with a ferocious need to take her hard and fast. Before he could move, Megan stood, ran her palms up his chest and then kissed him with abandon, which was all it took to push every worry to the back of his mind.

“Make love to me, Corey,” Megan whispered, her voice husky with need and passion. He noticed the tremble of her fingers when she clutched the buttons of his shirt and started undoing one painstakingly slow.

He reached out and cupped her face before leaning down, positioning his mouth against hers feather light, coaxing her lips to part with the tip of his tongue. Megan slid her arms around him and held him close, her fingers clenching the back of his shirt tight and pressed her body snug against him as the gentle kiss turned frenzied and fervent at break neck speed.
Hunger exploded through his body sending magma coursing through his veins while his tongue plundered her mouth and his breathing became labored. Corey broke the kiss, needing to get out of the binding clothing and make love to his new bride, the word bride still sounding so welcome that it thrilled him with wonder.

When he undid the middle button of his shirt, Megan followed suit with her own clothing and within seconds they were both standing naked for the first time in front of one another, their garments discarded on the shaggy blue carpet all around them. He expected her to be reserved, to hide her nudity from his eager perusing, but she wasn’t. The knowledge that she enjoyed the way his eyes devoured every inch of her small frame struck Corey like a Bay Quarter Horse Stallion in the chest, completely robbing him of breath. Megan reached out, rested a hand over his rapidly beating heart and smiled, before turning to the bed and yanking the covers down in one swift move.

Reaching out Megan took his hand, pulling him toward her and the bed, her eyes never leaving his face. Megan sat on the edge before laying back, staring up at him, her eyes dancing with anticipation in the yellow glow of the dimly lit room. Nothing had ever looked more beautiful and enticing than the sight of Megan Evans naked, waiting for him, and he knew that nothing would ever compare to this moment. He ran a hand from her knee to her thigh, delighting in the soft skin that met his fingertips as Megan gasped when he daringly brushed against the apex of her thighs. With his forefinger, he moved to her breast and traced the outer edge of her extended nipple before leaning down and pulling the bud into his mouth. He watched as she reacted, slamming her eyes closed and gripping the bedsheet in both hands. This is going to be fun.

Corey slid his hand back down between her legs, circling her mound before slipping one finger between her folds. Megan’s legs slammed shut, trapping his hand there while she squirmed on the bed. That won’t do at all. Releasing her breast, he lazily traced a line down her stomach and to her knee, coaxing her legs apart, but Megan fought the intrusion.

“Megan, look at me,” Corey whispered. It amazed him that she seemed so uninhibited when he stared at her naked body yet touching her there caused such a reaction.

When she opened her eyes he smiled, needing to comfort her before they went any further.

“Sweetheart, this is your first time. I don’t want to hurt you, and I know that it will, and the only way I can ease some of that pain for you is to get your body ready.”

Megan nodded and relaxed.

“I’ve touched you here before,” he said, his hand free, stroking her slit as gentle as he could muster.

“That was different, it was always through my clothing,” Megan muttered.

It was true, he’d let her explore and touch him more than he dared touch her during heavy petting. “We can stop.”

Megan sat up. “No. I’m ready.”

“Are you sure?” He needed to know she was certain before this went any further.


Megan leaned in and placed a soft kiss on his mouth. Corey continued to stroke the outside of her femininity and she had yet to pull away or stop him. He realized that no matter what, her first time would be with him, as his wife, and there really was no rush. They had all night, and every night after that to explore one another, to love and grow with each other and find out how good they were together.

Megan reached out and ran her palm down his chest heading closer and closer to his manhood. Just the feel of her silky hand sliding against his skin caused Corey to drag in a ragged breath, though he savored the sensations she stirred within his mind and body. He loved her touch, the softness of her hands, and the strength in her fingers that seemed to always be searching for something new to discover on his body. Corey laid back and let her explore, hoping that once she’d had her fill, she’d be comfortable enough to let him show her how satisfying sex could be. She touched the tip of his member and then ran her fingertips down the length of his shaft making him thrust toward her, throbbing with a longing to be one with her he’d never known before.

Megan laid down beside him, her hand never leaving his body. Corey leaned in and fused his lips to hers, his tongue searching the depths of her mouth and then pushed one finger into her vagina. She cried out but didn’t pull away, which emboldened him. He kissed her deeper, pulled his finger out to the tip and plunged back into her sweetness. This time, with the pad of his thumb, he circled her clitoris and dipped two fingers inside of her wetness. When her hips began moving in time with every plunge into her core, he knew she was ready. Corey broke the kiss and rolled over on top of his wife.

Megan’s eyes were wide, hazy, as she grabbed onto his shoulders to brace herself.

“Nice and slow, okay, love?”

“I love you, Corey. I trust you.”

He wanted her so bad he had no earthly idea how he would manage to push himself inside of her slow. He set himself at her entrance and inched himself inside her heat. Just feel her warmth engulfing him sent him into a struggle between his mind and body, tormenting him. Her tunnel stretched to accommodate his girth with each push deeper into her body and he knew the worst was over for her. He looked down at Megan, keeping eye contact, and watched as a tear slid out of her eye. He kissed it away, pulled his shaft to the edge and drove into her again. With each thrust, Megan relaxed more, held onto him tighter and lifted her hips off the bed, bringing him deeper inside of her. It was heaven, or the closest he would ever get to it, being with her this way.

Megan moaned, he captured her mouth again, loving the sound, her heavy breathing that now seemed to echo off the walls as their bodies moved to some unheard melody. She was his in every way possible. Megan cried out again, held him so tight he knew she was on the brink of orgasm, and he would be right behind her. He wanted nothing more than for her to make that climb and go over the edge into sweet ecstasy, to know what making love was all about.

“Corey,” she called, arched her back driving her head deep into the mattress as the first waves took her over.

Corey drove into her again, harder, losing all sense of control as the pinnacle neared. One stroke, two, pulling almost completely out of her and driving himself all the way to the hilt as the orgasm rocked him to the core and he groaned. He rode the waves, every fiber of his being heightened, his entire body tingling as he collapsed down on top of her, wrapped her in his arms and pulled her along with him, with Megan now on top.

“Are you okay? How do you feel? Did it hurt too much?”

Megan laughed, the sweet sound music to his ears. “Yes, I’m fine. It burns, but I’ve read that’s normal.”
Corey stared at her, this woman, this amazing woman who let him into her life, let him love her, marry her, who had the most amazing glow on her face at that very moment.

“I love you, Meggie. Always will. You, Mrs. Brady, are the most beautiful thing I’ve ever seen.”

Megan blushed. Corey sat up, flipped her backward down onto the bed, and kissed her long and hard.

COREY PULLED UP TO the house behind Anna’s awaiting BMW, doing his damnedest to wipe the enormous smile off his face. He closed his eyes for a brief second, hoping that his mother hadn’t called in the Calvary. He glanced at the clock on the dashboard and cringed because it was barely seven in the morning and his mother and Anna were standing in the doorway. Corey braced himself for facing an angry Abby Brady. He thrust the truck door open and stood.

“Oh, thank, God,” Abby said handing her coffee mug to Anna. She rushed down the steps to him.

The worry on his mother’s face made his heart plunge. “Mom,” he started.

Abby threw her arms around him, her strength and concern evident in the way she held onto him for dear life.

“Corey,” she choked, “why didn’t you call?”

“I’m really sorry. Why don’t we take this inside?” he suggested.

Anna stood watching, and he knew it wouldn’t be long before her mouth started tearing into him for scaring his mother. Abby and Anna went into the house, and Corey made sure he took his time climbing the five steps. The aroma coming from the kitchen only made him feel ten times worse, since his mother tended to bake when she became upset. Today he could pat
himself on the back for that.

Anna reached for a blueberry muffin that sat on a cooling rack by the window. “You’ve been busy, Abby.”

Abby shrugged, “It’s a hard habit to break.”

The silence that followed only made his heart heavier if possible. Abby moved to the sink and started running hot water to wash the dishes.

“Why don’t you let me do that?” Anna offered setting the muffin aside.

“I need to keep myself busy.”

Corey piped up, “No, you need an explanation.”

Abby turned the faucet off, wiped her wet hands on a towel and turned to face him. “Yes, I do. Does this mean you’re ready to explain why you never came home last night or bothered to call and let us know you were alive and all right and not coming home?”

Corey winched. When she put it that way he really did sound like a shit heel. They’ve had this conversation plenty over the years, and he never really had a good enough excuse for why he couldn’t be bothered to pick up the damn phone and just let someone know he was alive and would be out late.

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