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Beauty emerges from sadness and chaos.
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Lydia's epiphany ...maybe?
Lydia folded purple towels in a hotel
room she had cleaned.
She liked to think about esoteric topics
to pass the time.
"Is God necessary?" she pondered as she
scrubbed out the bathroom.
"What is justice?" she spotted some mold
with bleach ...
"Lydia." a voice spoke.
The maid looked about, but could see no one.
She felt fearful and questioned her sanity.
"Ehm. Is there someone here?" her voice trembled.

"I am." the voice answered.

Lydia searched the hotel room.
She could see no one.
"Where are you?" she whispered.
"I am everywhere. You cannot see me,
because I am everywhere." the voice answered.
Lydia wiped her face with a wet purple face cloth.
"Assuming I am not crazy. Who are you
and what do you want?" Lydia stood in the bedroom
talking to empty space.

"I am." the voice answered.

Lydia put her hand on the hotel phone.
It had a PA system.
Maybe Eric at the front desk was playing
a prank ... "Eric?" she called the front desk.
"Yeah. Are you done yet?" Eric answered.
"Yes." Lydia replied, "Did you call?"
"Nope. Why? Did the phone ring?" Eric yawned.
"Ehm. I'm hearing a voice. It sounds like it's
in the room with me." Lydia felt stupid.
"Ah. Maybe, you should call it a day and get
some rest." Eric yawned.

"I am." Lydia could hear the voice over the phone.
"What was that?" Eric replied.
"This isn't funny Eric. Just tell me it's you."
Lydia was becoming hysterical.
"It's not me. Get out of the room.
I'm calling the police." Eric was very serious.
Lydia bolted out the room battering the front door
with her cleaning cart.
"Jesus-Jesus!" she gasped as a man appeared in front
of her out of nowhere.

"Do not be afraid. I am." he said.

"What do you want?!" she screamed.

"I want you to know ... I love you." the Jesus like man said.

Lydia's legs buckled as she clung to her cleaning cart.
"Thank you.. Jesus." she said gasping for air.

"I am not Jesus. My name is Iam.
I am from another dimension and would like to rent
a room for my vacation here." Iam smiled and helped
Lydia to her feet.
"Oh-ehm." she cleared her throat, "You-you need to check in
at the front desk. I will show you where that is.
What brings you to Shneem?" Lydia adjusted her dress and cap.

"I enjoy traveling and meeting new sentient life forms."
Iam smiled back.
Lydia staggered down the narrow hall, holding on the wall railing
with her left hand.
Eric was at the front desk with the police.
"Sir, may we see your passport?" the police queried.
Iam presented his intergalactic passport. It was stamped
by the ECU.
Officer Shean looked puzzled, "Well, it seems in order."
He handed the passport back after stamping it,
"How long will you be here?"
"I haven't decided." Iam gave a toothy smile.
Eric sipped his coffee, "Do you want a single bedroom?"
"I never sleep, a single with a window." Iam put his American
Express card on the counter.

"I have to know. Is there a God?" Lydia asked.
"There are infinite dimensions with infinite realities
and realms of Gods, and Angels." Iam answered as he signed
his credit card receipt.
"Oh? That sounds lovely." Lydia smiled at everyone.
"Yes." Iam walked away to his room.

Reflections~ What does God want?

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