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Beauty emerges from sadness and chaos.
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Bull Roar Thunder Moon

"Did Lady Ga Ga get a nose job?"
Aunt Nancy asked her nephew.
Vincent was busy trying to master his whip.
He had a role in a play about salt barons.
"I think you might be right." he answered and
broke a lamp with his whip.
"Oh! Stop that!" Aunt Nancy scolded.

Phuc spun her head about.
She was Aunt Nancy's pet Snow Owl.
"Why can't you practice outside?"
Aunt Nancy queried as she fed a
cricket to Phuc.
"It's pouring outside.
Can't you hear the thunder and lightning?"
Vincent put down his whip and adjusted
his yellow cow girl costume.
"This role might get me noticed by someone
important." he huffed and took off his
cowgirl hat and blond wig.

"Hun. You can be anyone you want to be.
With that getup you could be a Fox News
reporter." Aunt Nancy hugged her nephew.
"I hate it when you tease me.
Look I know I look ridiculous, but this
is my first role in a Broadway play.
Okay, the producer is your brother.
I can do this!" Vincent declared and
almost accidentally whipped Phuc.
Aunt Nancy snatched the whip.

Tully Cowin stepped in through the lift.
"Hey! Nancy!" he exclaimed and placed a
pizza and a 2 liter bottle of Coca~Cola
on the dining room table.
"Nancy I could eat you." Tully remarked
and passionately kissed her.
"Still, acting gay?" Tully asked Vincent.
"This is a play about breaking down
prejudice and gender roles." Vincent ate
a slice of pizza.

"Let's go to the Moon!" Tully laughed and
jumped into the pilot chair.
The lift was retracted and the saucer home
rose straight up through the stratosphere.
"Could you give us a minute to strap in?"
Aunt Nancy asked as she crawled across the
floor to a bunk bed and strapped herself in.
Vincent had strapped in at the dining table
and was holding the pizza in its box as well
as the bottle of Coca~Cola.

"How is this legal?" Vincent asked.
"It's a retrofitted Vegas Saucer from
the air force. I got it from the Clinton Foundation.
I paid Bill to speak at my lodge in Hampton."
Tully yelled like a cowboy as the saucer landed
on the Moon next to the clear domed Obama Moon base.
"I love zero gravity!" Tully hopped about the
saucer dining room.
"It tisn't!
The Moon has half the gravity of Earth."
Aunt Nancy replied and flew over to the dining table.

"I think Obama has made the Moon great." Tully stated
and took a slice of pizza.
"But, he never stepped down after he instated marshal law."
Vincent gave Phuc some pizza.
"Just eat your pizza and be grateful." Aunt Nancy said.

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