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Happy Birthday WDC!


eptember is always a great month on WDC because it's the site's birthday month, and so the whole community gets together and has a great, big, virtual *BalloonB* PARTY *Balloonb*!! This means there are a lot of contests, raffles, games and auctions to enter, especially in the first couple of weeks of the month, plus there are often new site features released and special offers on memberships or other WDC merchandise.

2016 has marked my FOURTH WDC birthday party - although unbeknownst to me at the time, I actually joined halfway through the birthday month on 14th September 2012. One of the things I enjoyed most about 2016 was the free merit badge a day offer for paid members - And I made sure that I sent my free badge every day, even if I didn't do anything else that day! *Laugh*.

My favourite activities of 2016 were "a Mod-o-Poly Celebration! - a lot of fun without taking up loads of time and I was lucky enough to win SECOND PLACE!! *Delight* which was a fab prize including a 2 month premium membership. Also "Birthday Bash Merit Badge Hunt, where I completed three different activities to win different merit badges and "Invalid Item where I failed to write all 16 poems but STILL won 2 awards! *Heart* There were also other raffles and contests I took part in - and as I am completing "The Challenge" for September, as well as the "I write" contest - September has been a busy month *Bigsmile*.

In addition, I have been overwhelmed by the support of my own birthday activity - "The Great WDC Lucky Bag Giftaway!-CLOSED which I have run for the last two years, although without as much success. People have been loving it this year and lucky bags have been flying all over the place! It's going to take me a while to count up all those bags!! *Laugh*

So now we leave the birthday month for yet another year - it's been fun WDC....can't wait until the next one! *Delight* *BalloonP* *GiftR*

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