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I Swear
Swear words, I don’t think
Are bad –
They’re things to say
When you get mad,
A lady part,
An intimate act,
But use these words
With careful tact.
If something’s bad,
It might be poo,
But stronger words
Are there for you –
Just yell them out
And you’ll feel better,
Or even write them
In a letter –
To someone who has
Made you cross
(A word of warning;
Not your boss)
And when you find
You’ve stubbed your toe,
Or banged your thigh
Or your elbow
Well just pronounce
That sweary word,
It’s nothing that
We haven’t heard-
It’s even in the dictionary
And yours right there
To use for free!
So when someone
Smugly declares
That only stupid people swear –
Compare them to a testicle,
A female dog,
Faeces of bull,
And watch them answer
With the same
As swearing’s
An addictive game.

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