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Edgar Allen Poe, Kit Kat, Horror
Blog City Prompt: If you went on a date with Edgar Allen Poe, how would it go? What would you do? Did the raven join you and Edgar? Would it end in joy or despair?

I go out with Edgar Allen Poe. He arrives at my door with his horse and carriage. The horse is black and it is night already. He hands me a black rose. His raven sits on my shoulder and says: "Nevermore." I pet the raven. I put the black rose in a vase. I dressed in a red dress with a black cape and wore dark make up and black lipstick. Edgar is all dressed in black in a three piece suit with an iverness cape. He looks like a vampire. He reminds me of Barnabas Collins. Not a bad thing. He has on this hat that looks like Jack The Ripper. Edgar smiles and tells me I look nice. I did go all gothic. The moon is full and eerie looking. We get into his carriage and he parks it by the cemetery and says we are going to walk through the cemetery. ARE YOU KIDDING ME? We hold hands and some of the graves are shaking and I hear someone yell :"Help me." Edgar laughs and says keep on walking. We go through the woods and I see wolves but I know they are werewolves and fog is everywhere. I hold Edgar's hand and we hear growling, laughter and the moon has disappeared. Edgar tells me to relax. The ground shakes and I see a dancing skeleton and Edgar says we are almost there. THERE? WHERE? A little restaurant appears but it all dark with a few people inside by candle light. A woman who looks like a zombie seats us at a table and we order chicken, mashed potatoes, corn and black forest cake. I se two vampire creatures groping each other. The food is good at least. The raven eats some of my corn and keeps saying: "Nevermore." I like crows and ravens so I like him.

Edgar says he is working on a project. Making his own human! What did I expect? He is freaking me out. A guy who calls himself Jack The Ripper comes to our table and he is all dressed in black but wears a red hat. Other people who look like vampires, mummies and zombies come to our table and start chanting. The restaurant shakes and I hear hissing noises. WHY DID I GO ON THIS DATE? Al of a sudden, the lights come on and these creatures are all my friends and favorite cousins! I know who they are in spite of the make up. They all laugh and hug me. There is a band and we dance and Edgar and I dance and he seems to be a nice guy. I tell Edgar that I am not going through the woods and cemetery again. He has a limo take us to his horse and carriage. There is a headless man driving the carriage! Weird. The raven is back. I feed him bread crumbs. Edgar walks me to my door when I get home and he kisses me and he disappears! The raven stays with me. Okay. I never see Edgar again but this was an interesting date. I keep the raven. Life does get weird.

BCOF Prompt: Write from the perspective of a Kit Kat bar on Halloween?

Here I am in a plastic orange pumpkin with a lot of other candy pieces. The door bell keeps ringing and candy is being thrown into bags. I am still in this pumpkin. I get grabbed and am thrown into a bag. I am not so cramped now. I don't like this. Some one took off my wrapper. I am naked! Help! This kid is trying to eat me! I squirt some castor oil in his moth and he drops me. I run off. How did I get castor oil? Some idiot spilled it in the vat when I was being made. Lucky me. What do I do now? I hide in a child's playhouse in a hole in a bean chair cushion. I have bought me some time. Lucky me.

BCOF Prompt: Lyn asked us if we are in the mood for a horror. What tool do we prefer? A hammer or a knife? Write a horror story.

I don't like horror stories but if I was a hammer, I could smash someone's toes who wasn't nice to me. If I was a knife, I could cut off a toe. I don't write horror but this is all the damage I would have a character in a story do.

Neat Poser of Dracula and his wives by best friend Angel.

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