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Halloween With Stephen King
Prompt: You are spending Halloween with Stephen King. What spooky things await you? Have fun with this.

I arrive at Stephen King's house. It is three stories high, black and green with a wrap around balcony on the third floor. It looks gothic and I see a gargoyle flying around. Seriously. The black car named Christine is in the yard making noises. A raven flies around and I think I should leave. Stephen opens the door and invites me in. Red furniture, dark blue curtains, a knight in shining armor, a brown desk, a clown mannequin looking like IT stands in the corner. Three black cats running around. The furniture is fancy and skeleton heads greet me. The book case. All of Stephen King's books. A bat is flying around.

Stephen King opens the door, smiles and tells me to sit down and don't be afraid. He offers me a Diet Pepsi and we talk about his books. "Christine", Under The Dome", "Carrie", "Pet Cemetery", "Cat's Eye", "Silver Bullet" are my favorite novels by him. I told I love watching his movies and we laugh and we talk about vampires and his characters. I ask him how he writes these characters and isn't afraid. He tells me they are his friends, he created them and they wouldn't hurt their creator. We talk about "The Shining." I see twin girls and get nervous. They are his granddaughters. They are so pretty and neat. I feel so relaxed and Stephen invites me to take a ride in "Christine." I am all scared and he says the car is a replica. We drive around and he has the car rigged to make noises. The car is cool. We go back home and there is a dome in his back yard. Minature houses are under the dome. A raven lands on me and Stephen says not to be afraid of Iolis. It is getting dark and his wife Tabatha is home and invites me to stay for dinner. She is nice. We have a chicken dinner.

Trick er Treaters come to the door. Stephen passes out big bags of candy and dancing skeletons greet the "goblins" and Tabatha is dressed like a witch. Vampire creatures come to the door and werewolves and I think what great costumes. Mr. King says they aren't costumes. Captain Jack Sparrow grabs me and it could be him. Halloween comes to an end and I am invited to spend the night. I accept nervously. How did my night go? I heard spooky noises, saw a wolf and it slept with me! It was silver and black. A vampire tried to bite me but the wolf ran him off. Things were quiet and I slept. The next morning I get up, have a nice breakfast. I ask Stephen about his wolf pet. He says he doesn't have a wolf pet. I tell him about the vampire. Stephen laughs. That vampire looked like him. Time for me to leave. I thank my kind hosts. I shiver and it starts to rain. I have an autographed copy of Stephen's latest book and he and his wife and granddaughters hug me good bye. This has been fun but eerie. I loved meeting Stephen King. Life can be fun.

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