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Entries for various Blog Challenges.I will be expressing my hopes,dreams and fantasies.
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Welcome To My Reality Prompts 30 Of Them
Welcome To My Reality Prompts:

1. When do you remember learning a new word?

Janeite. Being a Jane Austen Fan, I thought it was and is a cool word. I am proud and happy to call myself a Janeite. I love everything Jane Austen. I am trying to be a Jane Austen Historian and learn all I can about her.

2. School and Teachers/ What teachers did you have?

I liked my English teacher Mrs. Crane in my Junior Year. She also taught Drama and Creative Writing. I was in plays and Drama Club.

I had a nice history teacher. Mr. Spencer. He taught about things not in the text book. He never gave exams. He gave us questions from all the tests every time we had a test.

Sister Mary Delores. She taught Literature and encouraged me to become a writer. She was my favorite Nun. She died a few years back and I hope to se her again someday.

3. Did you have a favorite school?

I didn't like high school but I loved the two year college I went to. It was a Catholic School and it was small and I loved it there.

4. Was there a school you did not like?

Jacksonville High School. I was the new kid in a big school and they made me take subjects I didn't want or need. They wouldn't let me join Pep Club. It was a big high school and hard to fit in.

5. Was there a teacher you did not like?

Yes. Mrs. Ginn. She was always on my case about something. She thought I should have been better at typing then I was. In Study Hall, she always accused me of talking and throwing paper on the floor.

6. Do you like school?

I loved basketball games, dances, the Prom and all the activities I was in, in school. I loved English Class, Drama and Creative Writing Class. This was at the school in Indiana I went to and graduated from.

7. Would you liked to be home schooled?

Sometimes I wish I would have been but I would have missed out on dances, Prom and extra activities.

8. Would like to take a class on line?

I took a Creative Writing Class and Short Story Writing Class on line. I loved taking those.

9. Would you rather attend a Public School or Private School?

Public, like I did. Private schools have strict rules and from what I heard is like Prison.

10. What is your best subject?

English, Writing and history. I was good in these classes.

11. Are you afraid of Math?

Yes. It was my worse subject. All I can do is simple Math.

12. What are the best ways to learn about history?

Ask your elderly relatives about the past. Do research on line. Visit museums.

13. How would you do on a Civics Test?

Not very well. I am too old.

14. How important is Arts Education?

Very. We need to know about writing, theatre, art because these are part of life and everything. If you are a write, you know it is important.

15. What was your favorite field trip?

Going to the zoo. I love animals. An Art museum. I appreciate art.

16. What is your most memorable writing assignment?

Writing about the theatre. I loved learning about this.

17. What would you like to have memorized?

Everything I learned about writing and still am learning.

18. Did you or do you participate in class?

No. I was afraid of being a Know It All or saying something dumb.

19. Do you use study guides?

Every chance I got. I took a lot of notes.

20. What teacher would you like to thank?

Mrs. Crane and Sister Mary Delores who influenced my writing.

21. Do you love or hate Thanksgiving?

I love Thanksgiving. I love eating turkey, watching Macy's Parade and the Dog Show.

22. How do you feel about Fall?

I love autumn, pumpkins, Halloween, gentle rain and I wish winter and snow weren't behind it.

23. Do you shop at locally owned businesses?

Yes. If you mean Kohls, Barnes and Nobles, Bath and Body, WalMart and crafts stores.

24. How important is it to have a Drivers License?

Very important. I want to drive myself and not wait on someone to take me.

25. Are you a good Driver?

I obey the rules and don't speed and I drive sensible in bad weather.

26. Food and Eating?

I love to eat. I cook for my husband. I love shrimp and TV Dinners and eating out.

27. What's your favorite holiday food memory?

All of them. Turkey, mashed potatoes, noodles, dressing, cake, cupcakes, ham, rolls and peanut butt

{imager pie.

28. How would you make over your mall?

No complaints. I have Macys, a book store, clothing store. More scrapbook stores would be nice.

29. Do you a tutor?

I always learned well with just teachers. Just made the best of it.

30. How would you grade your school?

C---. Maybe a D. My school didn't prepare us for college and we only had one or two good teachers. Sad.

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