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When the Gods of the world can't save it, who can?
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Ending in Darkness
A black hole....The most destructive thing in existence. Destroying all it comes near. Powerful enough to pull the light out of any star. Strong enough to vacuum away every molecule of gas from even the largest gas giant. Unstoppable and virtually unavoidable.

And yet, within seems so peaceful....

No sound. Just light.

The light burning the eyes of those four who have just awoken in an abandoned field. The only sound being their own gasps for air. Glancing at each other, panicked, they noticed they weren't alone. A figure, well known through Greece, was slumped on all fours. Sweat poured from the presumed fictional being. All four of the newly awakened searched for some sort of voice so they could speak. The figure beat them to it.

"D-do not fret....you are.....safe." The voice that filled the air, though raspy, was definitely feminine.

One of the four, a male, went wide eyed realizing who it was finally. His voice found him moments after.

"H-hecate? THE Hecate?" The goddess grinned and nodded. She looked at the four before her and found enough strength to stand. The one who had guessed stood as well and bowed. The other three, two girls and another male, stood as well and followed the action. Hecate nodded politely.

"You...were all selected.... For reasons that I may not reveal..... But you all share a similar trait..... Your belief.... In us...." Three other figures emerged and stood along side the goddess.

A man with the head of a jackal. Gripping his staff heavily and putting a lot of his weight onto it rather than his own legs. He stood otherwise tall and proud.

Another woman, frail and stumbling. She held onto the fourth figure for as much support as she could get.

The final man standing taller than the others. His face was shaped like that of a puma. But yet he had no fur as such.

The first to speak looked confused. The other three were stunned.

"Anubis!?""Hel!""Hanuman?" Each spoke with their newly found voices. The Gods and goddesses nodded their heads in acknowledgement.

"Duskero, Allani, Ruseth, Assanot. You have asked for our help and we have answered. Now we ask your help." Hecate spoke, mainly looking at the purple haired boy that had recognized her.

"Our homes have been destroyed. And yours is next." Anubis lowered his head when he spoke, a brown haired boy approaching him. Presumably Assanot.

"Black...hole...not....n-natural." Hel spoke in her raspy voice. Ruseth hurried over to support her, her blonde hair up in a ponytail.

"We haven't much time. We have entrusted you with the power of those who have fallen. Their items are at your disposal." Hanuman looked at the few people. The last female, with hair as black as night, nodded to the Hindu god.

"What has happened?" Duskero spoke. Hecate looked at him and shook her head.

"There is no time. You must help us. This black hole will be the end of all of us. Unless you can get us out of here. That is your objective. Chronos and Atlas are holding this planet together. The planet is safe for now. But something is in here with us. Trying to destroy us." Duskero and the others looked at the goddess shocked.
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