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Entries for various Blog Challenges.I will be expressing my hopes,dreams and fantasies.
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Promptly Potter Quotes Story/Poem Challenge Day 7
Prompt: "Just because it's taken you three years to notice, Ron doesn't mean no one has spotted that I'm a girl!"

Sophie and Ron had worked three years together for NASA. He was a computer nerd and good at his job. Sophie and him were friends but she was one of the guys. She wore jeans and didn't dress up but she worked in a room full of computers and NASA equipment and just saw Ron, Lenny, Fred, Erving and Jeff. They, too worked for NASA. Lenny and Jeff being playboys would come on to Sophie and she had to get them to back off. They treated her like one of the guys. Fred was the boss and was a father to Sophie.

The money was good and Ron was always at his computer even at home. He had no social life. He would talk to Sophie about business and that was it. He barely glanced her way. Sophie wanted Ron to notice her and ask her out. He was handsome but his work was his life.

Sophie touched Ron's hand when she bought him his coffee and he would pull away and mutter: "Thanks." She would ask him to a movie about science fiction that she thought he would enjoy. He would always say he was busy.

"You know you are wasting your time. I have asked you out and you always say no. Ron doesn't want a woman. He is a nerd and I can fulfill all your needs." Lenny stroked Sophie's cheek.

"You have a harem of women and I don't want to be in your harem. Be a friend and a co-worker and quit coming on to me. I like a shy, quiet man and one who hasn't been to bed with every woman in the county."

"That really hurt. Poor dateless Sophie. Maybe we would fall madly in love."

"I doubt it. I have work to do." Sophie walked away. She would get Ron to notice her.

Tomorrow, it would just be her and Ron working. She would get him to notice her then.

The next morning, Sophie wore her short, low cut red sleek thin material dress, make up, perfume and make sure she showed cleavage. She wore high heels and hoped she didn't fall flat on her face and butt. She was nervous when she walked into the control room and there was Ron at his computer. He always wore nice blue trousers and dressy shirts. Sophie smiled. Time to make her a move.

"Good morning, Ron." Sophie battered her eyes at him.

Ron looked at her and nooded his head but couldn't keep his eyes off her. He dropped his pen and Sophie bendt down in Ron's face with his face in her cleavage. Ron had a crush on Sophie and had been hiding it and he wanted to grab her and he almost did but he gently pushed her way. "You are definitely all woman but this isn't going to work." He walked away.

"Great! Just because it's taken you three years to notice that I'm a girl doesn't mean that no one else has spotted that I'm a girl. Do you like men? I got all dressed up for you. Fine. I am done making a play for you!"

"I like women but I am a nerd. I thought some woman has pretty as you was just toying with me. Today, you are all dolled up and I want you. In fact, I secretly love you. We work together and I have a job to do."

"Ron, you secretly love me? I love you, too. Do you really want to work today?"

"No. I don't know what to do. I just know I want to be with you."

Sophie locked the door and turned off the lights. Ron slowly undressed her, kissed her passionately and they made love. Sophie had waited a long time for this. After this, they were a couple and did get married later. Poor Ron just needed some encouragement. Sophie was so thankful for this day. He had always noticed she was a woman.

My third new couple in love image by best friend Angel.

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