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Item Linking ~ 2.#4
13 Ways to LINK an Item!

Most of you probably know or have heard about using bitem links when entering WdC contests, but did you also know there's actually thirteen different ways to link to an item? Some of these linking methods are used quite often, while others are rarely used.

NOTE: WdC ML is Writing.com Markup Language, how the site codes things for us to use.

Show four different ways to link the same item.

*Burstg*   LESSON: >> Click here

WritingML Help for review  >> {review:4480637}
Click on the Underlined Above

Creates a direct link to any review given by a member on Writing.Com.

It will look like this:          Review of "Newbie Welcome Wagon"

Now whata?
Earn GP's!

Say Whata?

                                       *Burstr*    Go to "WhataLand

                                       *Burstr*    Post a message titled >> Linking Lesson.

                                       *Burstr*    Write the Mastery Goal into the message.

                                       *Burstr*    Then demonstrate your mastery in the post. *Smile*

                                       *Burstr*    Wait for feedback.

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