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Writing ML ~ Lesson
WritingML is the language used within Writing.Com
that allows members to enhance their writing on this web-based system.

Created by The StoryMaster

~~~~~ ~~~~~ ~~~~~

Write a sentence for each that ...

                                                           1. show some words that are both colored and bold.
                                                           2. show some words underlined and some in the the font COMIC
                                                           3. are aligned to the center and with part of it in italics
                                                           4. use emoticons and one word in Size 5

Click on either

"Writing ML ~ Practice Part 1  ~   "Writing ML ~ Practice Part 2

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*Burstr*    Go to "WhataLand

*Burstr*    Post a message titled >> WritingML lesson.

*Burstr*    Write the Mastery Goal into the message.

*Burstr*    Then demonstrate your mastery in the post. *Smile*

*Burstr*    Wait for feedback.

Collaborator: South West Sophie

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