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Rock, Moon, Building
Blog City Prompt: Write a brief list about what a rock might be upset and what he tells the moon at night about his problems.

1. Humans walking on him.
2. Dogs walking on him.
3. Being picked up and thrown.
4. Wind blowing on him.
5. Being covered in snow.
6. Being rained in.
7. Getting mud on him.
7. His exterior getting cracked.

The rock sees the moon at night and they greet each other. So, the rock talks to the moon.

"Hey Moon. You look big and beautiful tonight. How are you?"

"Fine, Rocky. Me and the stars love watching the world, animals and goofy people. What's new with you?"

"Where do I start? Humans walk on me and dogs pee on me. I stay that way until it rains. The rain is cold at times and when it snows, I get covered up. The dirt around me makes me all muddy when it rains. My exterior is getting cracked. The other rocks tell me to quit whining. A kid tried to throw me at a peacock and I fell on the boy's foot and gave him a broken toe. That kid whined so bad. Seriously. I hate being a rock."

"Do you want to live with me? We have no harsh weather. No kids or animals to pick you up and throw you. You would turn into a moon rock and send out signals. It would be fun."

"Wow. Can you beam me up, Scotty? Some adult said that about a show called "Star Trek."

"Sure. Are you ready?"

The moon beamed the rock up and he was happy. The moon and him were best friends. One day, a space ship from earth landed an astronaut took him back to earth. The moon just beamed up again. As far as I know, the rock is still there.

BCOF Prompt: Write about an old building and what it was used for and how it looked.

A big old scary mansion like Whiplash on Casper. It was by an ocean and woods. Perfect scenery. The old mansion. It was run down and deserted. It looked like a castle but the black iron fence was a home for crows and animals snuck inside the building and a mother cat had her kittens there. A broken chimney, gray, clay colored building, torn, faded, blue shutters and a broken window here and there. It just looked dark. Weeds and moss grew around the building. There was a wrap around porch on the first floor, a balcony on the second, an attic, a smoking room, a ball room on the top floor, and the dining room table and furniture had lion claws on them. Red velvet chairs, blue velvet chairs and the inside resembled a castle. A knight in shining armor stood in the corner, tea pot sets and dolls were all over. The woman who lived here collected this kind of stuff. Pictures of wolves, cats, garden scenes, lighthouses were on the wall. Other rooms looked like a southern mansion. It still had beauty and charm left. Cobwebs and some bugs lived there and dreaded mice. The floors were creaked and groaned when you walked on them. Blue faded wall paper, white paint peeled off the walls. The carpet was thread bare. The house seemed to lean on one side. Dust on the furniture and even dirt was in the house. A perfect house for the Munsters.

Prudence Lanton had inherited the house from her great aunt and never did anything about it. She was a librarian and was getting married and she wanted the place to be a library and a tea room. Her two best friends Chelsey and Elena hired contractors to fix it up. Prudence took the cat and kittens to her cottage and they loved her and her future husband Riley. Riley was ahead of the contractors and in no time at all, the house looked totally different. It was a lot of work. Fancy again. A big library and a tea room which were separate from each other. A breeze way in between the two. It looked like a nice place and you wanted to stay forever. No more dirt, mice or cob webs. Prudence, Chelsey, Elena and three other women worked with Prudence and everyone loved checking out books and having tea. The women baked all kind of cookies and cakes. Prudence and her new husband and the cats moved into a big part of the house which is a big house in itself. The place was now called Lanton and people loved coming here. The fence was white, the chimney and windows were fixed. The crows no longer hung around. It was a home as well as a library, tea room and a tourist site. I swore I saw Jane Austen herself pouring tea and reading a book!

Jane Austen coin in England.

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