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Graphic Texts ~ 3.#2

Graphic Texts

Sometimes, you want some text that is more than merely typewritten words-- you want it to POP. Or, you need a cool label for a picture, maybe to use in your signature. My beloved iPad has great picture QUALITY but little in the way of user-friendly apps that make graphics. In fact, there isn't a true all-in-one App ay all, and much experimenting in necessary with graphics Apps and websites.1

Unfortunately (CLICK ME!)

So, I found a site and was having fun making name texts for my friends, and the Wordy Jay was nice enough to indulge me tee hee. For this lesson I will be using my PREMIUM membership PHOTO ALBUM,2 and their tags are a little bit different. They look like this: {xl-photo:1048312} instead of the more common: {image:2113262}

The 'xl' specifies that I want it to be XTRA LARGE. It can also be S-mall, M-edium, or L-arge. Or, just use {photo:1048312} for a cross between the small and the medium. That's five size possibilities, but it also can depend on its size when you upload it.

For more detailed information on Upgraded membership ('regular' images) please read:3

When you load pictures into your Portfolio via an UPGRADED membership, you can also make them appear SMALLER by coding them like this: {image:2113262-50%} You may use any percentage up to 100. I think. Hmm... here's a divider I use... let's see! (CLICK ME TOO!)


Say Whata?

GO TO: www.picturetopeople.org

(1). Click on the first 'a' picture in the column 'Top Text Makers', on the right.

(2). Choose a Pattern from the list by clicking on it.

(3). Choose one of the three 'AB' 'Text Styles'. I always use the first. Actually, let me show ya'all a screenshot of the settings I use, in the paper font... just click the image below to ZOOM its size:

(4). Copy the settings above.

(5). Use the DOWNLOAD Result button, then save to your PC.

Now I'd like You to go to "WhataLand and post a message including LINKS in the post of at least TWO examples of some texts you've made from www.picturetopeople.org.

BE SURE to read the BLUE LINKS from the footnotes below! If you need help, just ask-- make a new post and TAG me please. Or, if you get confused, just email or IM me at whata!

!!!NOTE!!! (U get to click me now yes *Smile*)

Invalid Photo #1048314
*Geek* So, here's an example of a text I made. Cool *Geek*

The fancy script I've used in my name example above is font: 'AnAkronism' There are thousands of patterns, this is only from one column!

These are the florals (where I got the sample above): Click Me  

Once you've made and saved your texts to your system, you can display them in your personal signature4, like this (NOT my best example huh?):

Invalid Photo #1048330

Which when coded via Writing ML using my Premium PHOTO ALBUM, looks like:


Written By: Whata
3-18 @ 5pm WdCT

1  www.Lunapic.com is a great free website application, but I am still learning! It even does animation editing *Bigsmile*Thanks Ruwthy ruwth
2  For Premium memberships, please read: "Photo Album For more detailed information, follow their links... or go to: "Create/Edit a Photo Album or just ask me *Smile*
3  "Image For Upgraded membership image NEWBIES, please read: "How to Install Personalized Signatures or post a question in the "N.A.G. How-To Classroom.
4  See GeminiGem­čÄ▒' "Sigs? Signatures? What...? How...? for more information regarding Signatures.

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