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HighLighting ~ 4.#2
Did you know there's a lot you can do with WritingML?
You can write in bold, with color, or change the font and the size.

You can also highlight !!

It is not part of the Tool Bar so you have to input it manually.  No biggie! In fact, this is really easy; I like how it helps draw the readers eye to what you want them to see, very quickly.

Write a sentence or two with examples of all FIVE highlight colors

*Burstr* Here is how you do it. *Burstr*










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Now whata?

Earn GP's!

*Burstr*    Go to "WhataLand

*Burstr*    Post a message titled >> Highlighting lesson.

*Burstr*    Write the Mastery Goal into the message.

*Burstr*    Then demonstrate your mastery in the post. *Smile*

*Burstr*    Wait for feedback.

Collaborator: South West Sophie
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