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Prompt 4 ~ If I Could Change The World, poem
If I could change the world,
I would let our flag unfurl.

Show that we’re compassionate,
But we will not underestimate,
Our enemies who want to do us harm,
Forewarned makes us forearmed.

Changing the world takes time,
We’d have a mountain to climb,
Changing our voted-in world leaders,
By picking less corporate bottom-feeders!

We need our roads and bridges fixed,
Not another tax break for the super-rich,
Why is it so hard to get along, be less resistant?
Work with each one’s ideas, be not so distant.

Bring back the motto, ‘United we stand,
Divided we fall,’ what’s so hard to understand?
Why can’t they see this, which amazes me?
What’s in it for me seems to be their decree.

I would get on with making our nation great,
Solutions to pollution, let’s not hesitate,
We need a plan in place if we’re going to survive,
If we don’t do something, we’ll go into a nose dive.

What to do first? It over all our heads, so pick one,
What harm can it do to find a solution or two, son,
I guess what I’m saying there is no easy fix,
How do we start over again, by doing a deep six?

A meteor hit, a flood, or slow dying of our planet’s core,
As we keep on polluting, and entering our hateful wars,
I love our beautiful planet, but I feel it’s too late,
We’re causing our own demise, and we need a clean slate.

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