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My story and poem entries for WDC's 2017 GoT challenge.
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Writing Week 2, Prompt 4: The Book Dealer
Walking down the street
'til there are blisters on my feet.
The red wagon trails behind me,
Its contents piled precariously.

Behind me I pull stacks of books
For people in all the corners and nooks.
A book for every type and taste,
Not a single one will waste.

A book for every child,
A book about the wild,
A book that tells a fairy tale,
A book about saving a whale.

Knowledge is the key;
It will teach you how to be.
And everything you learn
Could be the thing to make your soul burn.

We're all in this together,
in storms or in fair weather.
We must educate and share,
Thus I leave a book for everyone's care.

We can all precipitate change,
Put the effort into our own range.
So I will spread and share every book,
Until the whole world is shook.

Word count: 146
Line count: 24
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