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My story and poem entries for WDC's 2017 GoT challenge.
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Writing Week 2, Prompt 3: Imprisoned by Dragons
A thundering roar in the distance,
A rumbling quiver in the ground.
A flame sears through the sky,
A smoky burning scent wafts around.

Not a single person lingers here,
And there's silence everywhere.
Dragons visible on the horizon,
Humans hidden away with no fanfare.

Dragons rule over men and beasts,
All hide in fear from their wrath.
They rule over all with flame and threats,
There is no escape, they've burned the path.

Every person on this planet,
Hidden away as best they can be.
Hope burns fiercer than fire,
But hope leads to places no one can see.

Imprisoned by fear, fire, foes,
But many have tried to leave.
Leaving would be a grave mistake,
For freedom you cannot thieve
And earth is where the dragons now reave.

Word count: 130
Line count: 21
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