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Prompt 1 ~ An Irish Surprise ~ Story
I became curious by what my Grandmother Tina said, and decided I’d research my family tree. My Mom and Dad always said we’re pure German, no ifs, ands about it. What can I say, I believed them, and went on with my life until now, as I waited in the hospital for news from the doctor.

Grandma Tina was lying in bed, white as the sheets, recovering from pneumonia. When she first whispered in my ear that she was married before Grandpa Ted, I wondered. Why is she telling me this now? I am twenty years old, and I’m finally happy with the way I am.

Now to find out I may not be pure German, my head spun with the news. Grandma Tina woke up, and beckoned with her finger once again, so I bent over to hear the rest of what she had to say. “Daniel O'Sullivan is his name, and you can look him up. I’m sorry I never told you, your mother thought it was better for you not to know about him, so I never said anything.” Grandma coughed, so I helped her drink some water.

“Boy, Mom is going to get an earful from me, I know dad went along with everything she said, never wanting to make waves, so he’s off the hook.” I whispered to no one in particular.

I sat back down next to my grandma’s bed, and watched her sleep. Such a dear, sweet lady, I loved her dearly, and I’ll miss her if anything happened to her. O’Sullivan sounds Irish, and I always wanted to take a vacation to this beautiful country, here’s my chance.

My brother Robert came into the hospital room, kissed Grandma’s cheek, and gave me a hug. I told him what she said, and he seemed to take it better than I did. “Okay, give! Why aren’t you surprised about this news?”

I tapped my foot, feeling my German temper coming on, or is it my Irish temper? I felt so disconnected with my family all of a sudden.

He motioned to go into the hall. I followed, and closed the door quietly. “Okay, quit stalling, why aren’t you surprised?”

Robert gave a big sigh, “It’s because I knew when I was fourteen, and didn’t take it so good. I think that is why our parents didn’t tell you.”

“What? You don’t like the idea of being part Irish?” I turned towards him, arms over my chest.

“No, it’s not that, it’s because I bragged to my friends that I was a purebred, that they were all mutts. I know that’s brutal, but I guess I was a bully. I would act up at school after
hearing the news, and didn’t like myself anymore. I really felt cheated, living a fake life.”

“I can see myself doing that if we found out about a relative who did Hitler’s bidding, but not about being part Irish, I’m growing to like the idea, but I’m older now, and I’m able to handle this secret. I’m still going to give Mom a talking to for telling you instead of me.”

“Yeah, well I’m five years older than you, and I guess they thought I was old enough to understand. They should have waited with me, too.”

“Well, I’m going to take a trip to Ireland, and check up on our long, lost relative, Daniel O’Sullivan.”

“Maybe she could go along if she improved, and it might do her good.” Robert smiled. “See her lost love, and get reconnected over dinner.”

When Robert went back into the room, I went to the hospital chapel to pray Grandma would get better again soon. Three weeks later we brought our beautiful white-haired grandma home again. She looked beautiful, so I informed her of my plan to go to Ireland.

“Oh, I wish I could go with you, it would be great to see the country again. It would be even better if Daniel was alive, and I could see him again.”

I showed her the tickets, told her I got in touch with Daniel, and he is expecting us. He’s made dinner reservations at your restaurant where you met. Do you remember, Grandma?”

“I sure do, it was called Tannery Restaurant in Dungarvan, Waterford, Ireland.” Grandma Tina smiled at us. “It was a stylish restaurant! Daniel wanted to impress me. I was!”

I smiled, and looked over at Mom; apparently, she didn’t take the news of her mother being married before her Dad well, so I walked over to give her a hug.

“It’s fine Mom, she loved Grandpa Ted dearly, and this trip will do her good. Did you ever see her cheeks this pink with excitement?”

“Actually, no, so I’m happy you’re doing this.” She stepped away, but turned back to the happy scene before her. “Really, Katie! Just take care.”

“I will, I’m a big girl now, and love the idea of being part Irish.” I hugged Mom.

A week later we were flying the blue skies toward Ireland where Daniel met us at the airport, and drove us over to his home. He had a big house, with six bedrooms.

“My wife died ten years ago, and it’s just me and my housekeeper that take care of this place.” Daniel helped Grandma out of the car, and up the steps to the foyer.

“It’s a beautiful home, Daniel!” I couldn’t get over the chandelier, it had beveled crystal prisms that glittered with a stunning jewelry-like effect, so when the light shone in, everything around looked like a rainbow.

We were escorted to our rooms, and I never slept so well in a long time. The next morning, we dined on bacon, eggs, and toast. The coffee was a bit strong for me, but I drank it with whipped cream on top. Do as the Irish do was my motto on this trip. The sights he took us to, especially the parks and castle were memorable.

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