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Prompt 2, Billy and Bobby's Friendship, Story
I picked Perfect Storm, Bobby is the wheel

“What a perfect day to catch some fist! How about it, ready to take her out into open water?” Billy said as he ran up onto the deck of his boat.

“I guess I with you, wherever you go, I go.” Laughed Bobby.

Billy started the engine, and chugged his way out, waving to all the other fishing boats that are taking advantage of this good day.

Looking over the glassy waters, Billy loved when he could see forever, just him, Bobby, and the wide-open seas.

Getting to the right spot, he threw out his nets, and waited patiently for the fish to become caught.

Do you want to tell jokes while we’re waiting, Bobby, to pass the time? I have a few off the top of my head. “This on is on Ice Fishing - A newbie went ice fishing, heard a voice."

There's no fish there" Gets up, goes a few feet further. Digs a hole and starts fishing again.
Again, he hears the voice. "There's no fish there" Newbie looks up, is that you Lord No, said the voice. "It’s the Manager of the Arena."

Bobby laughed so hard the boot went back and forth in the water. Stephanie, who was passing by called out, “You okay, Billy?”

Everything is fine, just telling joke is all.”

Stephanie forehead furled, she shook her head, and passed by to her favorite section to catch her limit.

After two hours, Billy pulled up the nets, and got them ready for the to throw in the cooler. He moved on to his next favorite spot, and threw out the net once more. Then sat back, and closed his eyes. For a little shut eye.

When the boat began rocking, tossed him back and forth inside the boat, he thought he heard a loud scream. Billy opened his eyes, and the sky looked ominous. “What in the ….!” He pulled up the nets, tossed the fish in the cooler, and pulled up anchor.

He ran into the engine room and started the engine. “Thank god you woke up, I was trying to get you attention for the last half hour, a storm is blowing up and I have a bad feeling about this. The winds are blowing a lot harder, I don’t want to sink, Billy!”

“Don’t worry, Bobby, we won’t sink, I’ll get us back safely. He turned his boat towards shore, but the wind was picking up more and more, creating ten-foot waves. Billy clung on for dear life, not wanting to get tossed around, making Bobby scream out.

“Sorry, but if you want to get home safety, I have to hold on tight to get us out of this mess. Billy steered carefully into each wave, the little boat bounced around like a ball during a basketball game, seeming little in the rough seas which was getting rougher.

Billy used all his concentration on steering, while Bobby helped with his eyes on the water, telling which way was better.

“Watch out for that one, Billy! That one looks fifty feet or more. I’m really worried about this!”

“Well, if it makes you feel any better, we go down together.”

“No, that doesn’t make me feel any better! We have to make it out of this, this is what we do.” Bobby turned the wheel, which almost throw Billy across the room.

“If you keep doing that, we can kiss our ass good-bye.” Billy said, crawling back to help.

“Sorry, I’m the excitable type when it comes to these situations.” Bobby blushed red, knowing he almost killed them both.

They were being tossed around, water coming over the engine room, flooding the deck, making matters worse.

“I don’t know about you, but I think we got ourselves in a mess this time. The wave look around a hundred feet, and I can’t make it up … Nope, we’re going back down, we’re tipping, watch out!

The little boat bobbed upside down, getting battered by the waves. Billy hung onto Bobby, saying, “This is it, buddy. We’re done.” They sank quickly, and choking from the water filling up his lungs, all he could think about was his friend Stephanie.

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